As the summer season is well underway and IJSBA is a week from unveiling our first World Finals press release, we would like to take the time to remind all interested competitors of the criteria to be eligible to compete in the IJSBA World Championships.

Competitors who are citizens of the United States or are citizens of a foreign county with proof of residency in the United States must have competed in at least two IJSBA Sanctioned events in the 2017 calendar year.  If you are an experienced competitor with notable experience participating in World Finals, then only one of the two events needs to be a closed course competition.  Otherwise, competitors are generally required to compete in two closed course events.  Freestyle competitors must compete in two Freestyle competitions in the United States.  World Finals eligibility does not necessarily mean eligibility in all classes.  Runabout Open categories and all Pro categories require approval from IJSBA.  The only exception to a two event criteria is for certain hardships experienced by regular World Finals competitors.  These hardships may be submitted to IJSBA.  Hardship requests will be very heavily scrutinized.  Competitors are highly advised to plan their qualifying events immediately to avoid missing out on eligibility opportunities. 

Competitors who are citizens of countries outside of the USA must have a license from the IJSBA Affiliate that matches their passport.  If there is not IJSBA Affiliate in your country of residence, a license must be held from the IJSBA Affiliate of their choice.  IJSBA Affiliates determine the eligibility of their licensed competitors.  However, IJSBA reserves the right to reclassify a competitor or deny the competitor eligibility based on factors including, but not limited to, too much experience for the skill level, lack of experience for the skill level, or insufficient experience in general competition.

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