Just in time to beat the clock and post before March, IJSBA is pleased to announce the approved changes to the 2019 IJSBA Competition Rule Book.  Four items were submitted for final review and voting and were all passed unanimously.  Please see the overview below for the changes.  Amended Rule Book draft language will follow within ten days for public review.  There are several housekeeping matters that are being tended to in the digital version of the Rule Book which are expected to be completed by the end of March.  Please email info@ijsba.com for questions or comments relating to this release:

IJSBA Rule Book Technical Changes For 2019:

  1.  Aftermarket Hulls in eligible Ski Classes shall be allowed a hull which has a maximum length of 97 inches.  Existing allowances for nozzles and ride plates continue to apply and are allowed as additional length.  Under no circumstances may the overall length of a Ski Watercraft, with an aftermarket hull, be longer than 102 inches.  Naturally Aspirated Four Stroke Engines with a displacement of 1500cc and under may be used.
  2. Aftermarket Seats may not provide the function to allow a rider to "lock in" to place nor shall these seats provide a saddle function beyond basic contours for riding positions.  Specific language will be provided to give Race Directors a guide in prohibiting any seat which does not allow the rider to be freely removed or ejected from a watercraft from a collision or heavy force.  All IJSBA Sanctioned Organizers must comply with this rule by January 1, 2020 and this rule will be applied to the 2019 IJSBA World Finals.
  3. The following changes shall be made to the Runabout Rec Lites Classes:  Criteria shall be adopted that allows the Yamaha EX to be included in Rec Lites but not the Yamaha EXR.  Specific homologation will now be required for a Watercraft to become Rec Lites eligible and the only watercraft that shall have this homologation are the Sea-Doo Spark line of watercraft and the Yamaha EX*.  Competitors will still be allowed to repair their watercraft and make cosmetic changes which may include limited changes to the texture of the surface of the hull.  However, the shape of the hull may not be changed and reinforcements to the inside of the hull may not be added.
  4. The following changes shall be made to the 1100 Open and GP/Modified Classes:  Two stroke powered Watercraft are limited to aftermarket hulls only for Watercraft rated for two passengers.  Four Stroke powered watercraft are limited to aftermarket hulls for the following watercraft: Sea-Doo Spark line of Watercraft and Yamaha EX line of watercraft; in addition, any two stroke eligible aftermarket hull may be fitted with an eligible four stroke engine.  All other Watercraft must utilize an OEM hull and top deck.


  • Severe penalties shall be enforced against any rider found to have altered an EXR to appear to be an EX in the Rec Lites Classes.  Please do not do this.