IJSBA announces the following Rule Book items that will be voted upon during the annual online directors' meeting.

This list is a compilation of the suggestions sent in to IJSBA during the 2012 calendar year. The following will be presented to the IJSBA Board Of Directors as well as several International Affiliates, Competitors, and Aftermarket Industry members.

Voting will not take place until after January 1, 2013. Voting is expected to conclude before January 7, 2013 with results planned for posting on January 8, 2013. The following is the condensed list of items:

  1. Shall IJSBA allow aftermarket hoods in Ski Limited Classes?
  2. Shall IJSBA specifically name valves and valve seats as wear and tear items eligible for replacement in Stock Classes?
  3. Shall IJSBA remove the provision for aftermarket ECU from Stock Classes? (Note: if passed, would require a one-year waiting time and would not be official until 2014)
  4. Shall IJSBA allow Trim Tabs to be shortened in Limited Classes?
  5. Shall IJSBA increase the provision to include wheels?
  6. Shall IJSBA have model specific boost pressures in Limited Class?
  7. Shall IJSBA allow the bond rail width to be increased in Ski Open? If yes, shall this provision be limited to scale or a provision of standard measurement.
  8. Shall IJSBA increase the minimum weight in Runabout Open class? If yes, shall the weight be set at 700lbs or 750lbs?
  9. Shall electric, marine type, fans be allowed in Ski Open and Runabout classes?
  10. Shall IJSBA allow a lowering of the tray wells in Ski Open class? If yes, shall this provision be model specific?
  11. Shall IJSBA increase the displacement allowance for four stroke engines in the Ski Open class to 1650cc? If no, shall can this provision pass as a Ski GP only allowance?
  12. Shall IJSBA return the GP Ski class displacement to 900cc for Turbocharged Four Stroke PWC?
  13. Shall IJSBA specifically allow drilled but capped manifolds to be used in Stock Class?
  14. Shall IJSBA abandon the OEM Replica requirement for Ski Open?
  15. Shall IJSBA abandon the OEM Replica requirement for Ski Open?
  16. Shall IJSBA set a maximum boost pressure for Four Stroke PWC in Ski Open?
  17. Shall IJSBA set a maximum boost pressure for Four Stroke PWC in Runabout Open?
  18. Shall IJSBA institute a ban on Pro License holders from competing on Stock Runabout?
  19. Shall IJSBA allow two stroke based Ski to use aftermarket hulls in Ski Limited?
  20. Shall IJSBA set a minimum weight for Freestyle? If yes, what weight?
  21. Shall IJSBA require a motocross style back protector in all Ski Classes? If no, shall IJSBA require this back protector in Open and GP classes?
  22. Shall IJSBA allow full face shield helmets with the requirement that the shield be quickly removable or the pivoting type with no lock mechanism?
  23. Shall IJSBA allow a spec built replacement pump for Hydrospace S4 PWC in Stock Class? In no, shall IJSBA allow a spec built replacement pump for Hydrospace S4 PWC in Limited Class?
  24. Shall IJSBA allow an increase of front sponson length in Ski Limited Class to the amount of 60 inches?
  25. Shall IJSBA allow aftermarket exhaust systems in Runabout Limited Classes?
  26. Shall IJSBA allow AFR gauges in Runabout Limited Classes?
  27. Shall IJSBA allow aftermarket fuel injectors in Runabout Limited Classes?
  28. Shall IJSBA allow breather holes to be cut into OEM hoods in Runabout Limited Classes?
  29. Shall IJSBA allow aftermarket water boxes in Runabout Limited Classes?
  30. Shall IJSBA institute a maximum weight tolerance of 70lbs in Runabout Stock Class?
  31. Procedural: Shall IJSBA have the Veterans Runabout Class remain an Open Class at World Finals as opposed to the announced change to Limited?
  32. Procedural: Shall IJSBA merge Ski Open and Ski GP into one class at World Finals by ending Ski Open?
  33. Procedural: Shall IJSBA merge Runabout Open and Runabout GP into one class at World Finals by ending Runabout Open?
  34. Procedural: Shall IJSBA merge Two Stroke Ski Limited back into Ski Limited to create a single Ski Limited Class?
  35. Procedural: Shall IJSBA require Pro Ski and Pro Runabout classes to use slalom score points towards their overall score?

If you submitted a suggestion to IJSBA, before the announced close of the comment period on December 14, and do not see it in this suggestion list, please email it immediately toinfo@ijsba.com.

The above items include consolidated items that were suggested but found to be compatible with other rule suggestions and, therefore, were merged into a single rule suggestion.