IJSBA is releasing the semi-official but still tentative competition schedule for the 2021 Jettrim WGP-1 World Finals. Please note that this schedule does not include the class order, it only lists the anticipated classes for each day. This schedule is still tentative and very well may change as entries continue to come in. Due to COVID mitigation requirements, we will not be doing indoor awards ceremonies this year. Awards will be held beachside as they were in 2020. IJSBA anticipates spreading the awards out throughout the day as classes are completed. We want all competitors to be aware that we are trying to frontload the schedule as much as possible to allow a weather incident or other disruption. You can help make this schedule less tentative by entering if you have not already. Please send any questions or comments regarding this STILL TENTATIVE schedule to info@ijsba.com.

UPDATED 9/24/2021:

Masters Ski Stock Moved to Thursday

Saturday October 2:

Check In Begins

Riders May Enter Pit

Sunday October 3:

Check In Continues

Riders May Enter Pit

Monday October 4:

Check In Continues

Riders May Enter Pit

Riders Meeting and Course Orientation 4:00 PM Grandstands


Awards will be beachside beginning Wednesday and may be spread throughout the day.

Tuesday October 5:

Practice 1: 7:00 AM

Last Practice: 9:30 AM

First Race 10:00 AM

Novice Runabout 1100 Stock

Novice Runabout Stock

Novice Ski Stock

Blaster GP

Junior Ski 10-12 Four Stroke Lites

Junior Ski 13-15 Four Stroke Lites

Runabout Naturally Aspirated

Ski Mod Lites

Amateur Runabout 1100 Limited

Amateur Veterans Ski Stock

Veterans Runabout

Wednesday October 6

Practice 7:00 AM

Last Practice 7:30 AM

First Race: 8:00 AM

Complete Any Remaining Tuesday Classes

Amateur Ski GP 2 Stroke

Complete any Tuesday Classes

Amateur Runabout Rec Lites

Amateur Runabout 1100 Stock

Amateur Ski Lites

Amateur Ski GP

Master Ski GP

Amateur Women’s Ski Lites

Amateur Four Stroke Ski Lites

Amateur Runabout 1100 Open


6:30 AM Riders Meeting and Course Orientation

7:30 AM Practice

30 Minutes After Last Practice: First Race

Complete any remaining Wednesday Classes

Amateur Veterans Ski Lites

Sport Spec

Masters Ski Stock

Amateur Ski GP Motos 1,2,3 (2 motos if qualifying)

Pro Am Runabout 1100 Stock Motos 1,2,3

Junior Ski 10-12 Lites

Junior Ski 13-15 Lites

Freestyle Corral

Friday October 7

7:00 AM First Practice

30 Minutes After Last Practice: First Race

Complete any remaining Thursday Classes

Amateur Freestyle

Amateur Vet Ski GP Motos 1,2,3

Pro Am Ski Superstock Motos 1,2,3

Pro Am Runabout Limited Motos 1,2,3

Pro Am1100 Open Motos 1,2,3

Saturday October 9

Riders Meeting 6:30 AM

Practice 30 Minutes After Riders Meeting

Racing Begins 30 minutes After Final Practice

Pro Freestyle

Pro Ski GP Qualifying If Any and Motos 1,2,3

Pro Runabout GP Qualifying If Any And Motos 1,2

Pro Sport GP Qualifying If Any all Motos

Women’s Runabout

Pro Am Women’s Ski Motos 1,2

Vintage Ski

Pro Am Ski Four Stroke Lites

Junior Ski 10-12 Stock

Junior Ski 13-15 Stock

Vintage SC

Saturday Night Under The Bridge Show

Sunday October 10

6:30 AM Riders’ Meeting And Course Orientation

7:30 AM First Practice

30 Mins After Last Practice: First Race

Pro Runabout GP Final Moto

Pro Ski GP Final Moto

Pro Freestyle Final Moto

Grand Master Ski

Pro Am Women’s Ski Moto 3

Pro Am Runabout Stock

Women’s Runabout 1100 Stock

Pro Ski Stock

Pro Am Runabout Superstock

Pro Am Four Stroke Ski Lites Motos 1,2,3

Vintage X2

Endurance Runabout Sprint