IJSBA is releasing an updated overall view of the categories which run each day.  Please keep in mind this is a work in progress and is always subject to change based on additional entries, weather, incidents, and making best efforts to avoid back to back racers.  Please see the most current list of run days for the SBT WGP-1 World Finals as of Tuesday, October 3 at 1:00 PM:



            Class List by Days-


Amateur Ski Lites

Master Ski GP

Amateur Runabout Rec Lites

Amateur Ski 4 Stroke Lites

Amateur Vet Ski Stock**

Amateur Runabout 1100 Ltd



Novice Ski Stock

Novice Runabout 1100 Stock

Amateur Women Ski Lites

Master Ski Stock

Ski Mod Lites

Novice Runabout Stock

Amateur Veteran Ski GP

Sport Spec

Amateur Runabout 1100 Stock

Amateur Women Ski Stock

Expert Veteran Runabout Ltd


Jr Ski Lites 10/12

Amateur Ski GP\Expert Ski GP

Jr Ski Lites 13/15

Amateur Veteran Ski Lites

Pro Am Runabout Ltd

Runabout Naturally Aspirated

Pro Am Women’s Ski Stock

Pro Am Ski Modified

Amatuer Runabout 1100 Open

Pro Am Ski Stock (moto 1)



Pro Am Runabout 1100 Stock

Pro Am Ski Superstock

Pro Am Runabout Superstock

Jr Ski 4 Stroke Lites 13/15

Pro Am Ski Lites

Amateur Freestyle

Vintage SC

Pro AM Sport GP Moto 1 & 2

Pro Am Ski Stock (moto 2 & 3)


Pro Am Runabout Endurance (moto 1)

Pro Am Runabout Stock

Jr Ski Stock 10/12

Pro AM Sport GP Moto 3

Pro Am Ski Stock (moto 1)

Jr Ski Stock 13/15

Pro Ski GP (motos 1 &2)

Vintage ski

Pro Runabout GP (motos 1 & 2)

Amateur Women Runabout 1100 Stock

Pro Freestyle


Women Runabout

Junior Ski 4 Stroke Lites 10/12

Vintage x2

Jr Ski Modified 13/15

Pro Am Ski 4 Stroke Lites

Pro Am Endurance Moto 2

Pro Am Ski Stock (moto 2 & 3)

Pro Ski GP (motos 3 & 4)

Pro Runabout GP (moto 3)

Grand Master Ski Stock**

Pro Freestyle

Pro Am Women Skip GP

Pro Runabout 1100 Open