IJSBA is releasing an updated class list for the 2018 Blowsion World Finals.  IJSBA received several emails requesting to add Pro Runabout Open for a final year.  The constant themes in many of the emails have been two fold.  First, competitors argued that there was no Pro Runabout title to defend for 2018 by removing Pro Open.  Second, competitors expressed concern that replacing Pro Runabout Open with Pro Runabout Superstock did not give adequate time to develop seasoned riders for the only existing Pro Runabout class.  These arguments were compelling and, as a result, Pro Runabout has been added to the class list.  Note that this will be the only Runabout Open Category at the 2018 Blowsion World Finals and that this will be the absolute last time Runabout Open appears as a Pro Class.  Please send questions or comments to info@ijsba.com.


Pro Classes

Pro Ski Modified (Sunday Class)

Pro Runabout Open (Friday or Saturday Class)

Pro Runabout Superstock (Friday or Saturday Class)

Pro Freestyle  

Pro Am Classes

GP Ski  (Saturday Class)

GP Runabout (Sunday Class)

Runabout Stock

Runabout Naturally Aspirated Stock

Runabout 1100 Superstock  (800cc Maximum for Two Stroke, 1100cc Maximum for Four Stroke)

Ski Stock (2017 Kawasaki SX-R is permitted without a restrictor plate)

Womens’ Ski 

Ski Lites

Ski Mod Lites

Runabout Limited

Endurance Runabout Open

Expert Classes

Expert Ski Modified 

Expert Ski Stock 

Expert Runabout Superstock

Expert Veteran’s Runabout

Amateur Classes

Amateur Freestyle 

Amateur Ski GP 

Amateur Ski Lites 

Amateur Ski Mod Lites 

Amateur Veteran’s Ski Stock (Two Stroke Limited Legal Ski allowed- this year only).

Amateur Veterans Ski GP  

Amateur Runabout 1100 Superstock (See Open Class Rules, 800 CC Limit For Two Stroke)

Amateur Runabout 1100 Limited (Up To 1100cc Normally Aspirated Four Stroke, 800 CC limit for Two Stroke)

Amateur Runabout 1100 Stock (Four Stroke Powered Runabout Only: Sea-Doo Spark; Yamaha EX)

Amateur Runabout Rec Lites

Amateur Women’s Ski Lites  (All participants who hold an Expert License, All participants who have had a World Finals podium finish in Novice Women’s Ski, and participants who have participated in Pro Am Women’s Ski must petition IJSBA for eligibility in this class).

Amateur Runabout Limited

Novice Classes

Novice Ski Stock 

Novice Ski Limited

Novice Runabout Stock

Novice Runabout Naturally Aspirated Stock

Junior Classes

Junior Ski 10-12 Stock (2017 Kawasaki SX-R Allowed only with IJSBA approved restrictor plate)

Junior Ski 10-12 Lites (Stock Rules 2 Stroke Only)

Junior Ski 13-15 Stock (2017 Kawasaki SX-R Allowed only with IJSBA approved restrictor plate)

Junior Ski 13-15 Lites (Stock Rules 2 Stroke Only)

Junior Ski 13-15 Mod Lites


Other Classes Open To All Skill LevelSport GP

Sport Spec (All Skill Level, Pro Ranked Competitors Must Petition To Participate)

Classic Ski Two Stroke Limited  (Limited Class Rules, Two Stroke Only)

Master’s Ski GP  (2017 Kawasaki SX-R is not allowed in this class.  No displacement above 1300cc.  Forced induction Ski are limited to 950cc)

Master’s Ski Stock (2017 Kawasaki SX-R allowed to Stock Class specifications Only, Two Stroke Ski allowed to Limited Class specifications- this year only)

Vintage Ski (Two Moto’s- Combined Score for Overall)

Vintage X2 (Two Moto’s- Combined Score for Overall)

Women’s Runabout (Limited Class Rules For Two Stoke, Stock Rules For Four Stroke Plus Aftermarket Seat Allowance)

Ski Endurance  Sprint (2017 Kawasaki SX-R Allowed to Stock Class Specifications)


Ski Modified

Runabout Open

Sport GP

Four Stroke Ski Stock