IJSBA is pleased to release the tentative competition schedule for the 2022 Jettrim WGP-1 World Finals.  We are five weeks out, this schedule is very tentative.  This is pretty close to the final schedule from last year but spread out over an additional day.  We plan to run heavy early on to have schedule cushion for weather days if any should develop.  Competitors should be advised that IJSBA now reserves Monday, October 10 as a makeup day in the event of severe weather disruption.  Any competitor should plan for their class to run into the next day.  As IJSBA receives entry forms, scheduling may change due to addition of qualifiers and LCQ as well as avoiding taking breaks to accommodate back to back heats for competitors.  The earlier all of you enter, the more you can count on the schedule being more firmly established.  Please see the schedule below and email questions or comments to info@ijsba.com.


Monday 10/03/2022- Practice   Wednesday 10/05/2022 Tentative Class List   Saturday 10/08/2022- Tentative Class List
Amateur Runabout 1100 Limited   Amateur Runabout 1100 Stock   Pro Am Women's Ski Stock**
Ski Mod Lites   Amateur Ski Four Stroke Lites   Amateur Women's Runabout 1100 Stock
Junior 10-12 Four Stroke Lites   Sport Spec   Junior Ski 10-12 Stock
Novice Runabout Stock   Amateur Runabout Rec Lites   Pro Sport GP
Blaster GP   Amateur Ski Stock Lites   Pro Am Ski Stock Qualifiers
Amateur Veteran Ski Stock   Expert Veteran Runabout LTD   Junior Ski 13-15 Stock
Junior 13-15 Four Stroke Lites   Master Ski GP   Pro Ski GP** (Moto 3-4 Sunday)
Runabout Naturally Aspirated   Carry Over Classes From Tues   Vintage Ski
Novice Ski Stock   Amateur Ski GP 2 Stroke

Amateur Vet Ski GP

  Pro Runabout GP (Moto 3 Sunday)

Pro Am Runabout Endurance 

    (Possible first moto)

Amateur Runabout 1100 Stock       Vintage SC

Pro Freestyle

Grandmaster Ski (undetermined)

Amateur Ski Four Stroke Lites   Thursday 10/06/2022- Tentative Class List    
Sport Spec   Amateur Vet Ski Lites   Sunday 10/09/2022- Tentative Class List
Amateur Runabout Rec Lites   Pro Am Runabout Ltd   Pro Am Runabout Stock
Amateur Ski Stock Lites   Junior Ski 10-12 Stock Lites   Vintage X2
Master Ski GP   Junior Ski 13-15  Stock Lites   Pro Women Runabout
Amateur Women's Ski Lites   Master Ski Stock   Pro Am Ski Four Stroke Lites**

Pro Am Ski Stock

Amateur Ski GP 2 Stroke   Amateur Ski GP (Qualifiers)   Pro Am Runabout Endurance

Pro Freestyle

Amateur Ski Four Stroke Lites       Grandmaster Ski (undetermined)
    Friday 10/07/2022- Tentative Class List    
Tuesday 10/04/2022- Tentative Class List   Amateur Ski GP

Pro Am Runabout 1100 Stock

Amateur Runabout 1100 Limited   Pro Am Ski Superstock**    
Ski Mod Lites   Pro Am Runabout Superstock    
Novice Runabout Stock   Pro Runabout 1100 Open    
Novice Runabout 1100 Stock   Junior 13-15 Four Stroke Lites

Amateur Freestyle

Pro Am Ski Lites

Amateur Veteran Ski Stock   Grandmaster Ski (undetrmined)    
Runabout Naturally Aspirated   Practices not shown on Monday October 10 schedule will be held the morning of the day the class is run.
Novice Ski Stock (LCQ & Motos Wednesday)  
Amateur Women Ski Lites  

Competitors should plan that any class scheduled could run into the next day due to time constraints. Currently, Grandmaster Ski is slated to run Friday, Saturday, or Sunday or possibly all three.  This is tentative.