As this weekend begins the first round of the 2022 IJSBA Sanctioned WGP-1 World Series, we are mindful of the financial strain put upon competitors, this year, as they navigate through inflation, supply chain issues, and poor exchange rates.  IJSBA has received an increased amount of competitor and vendor inquiries approaching pre pandemic levels.  This looks like a good World Finals is shaping up.  We are all in this together and if we all do our part we will all get back to normal together.  2020 and 2021 depleted reserves as we held World Finals during restrictive COVID 19 environments.  These events were produced largely with the motivation of ensuring the continuity and survivability of the sport.  We accomplished these goals by scaling back on productions.  This message announces the 

IJSBA is focusing on the following priorities for 2022 World Finals, in this order:  1. Ensuring adequate staff and infrastructure; 2. Restoring aesthetics and improving competitor amenities; 3. Restoring marketing budgets and event awareness; 4. Returning unique trophies and awards; 5. Improving participant rewards and returning podium payouts.  Please notice that this is a ranked plan and we will make it as far down the list as possible prioritizing achievements and heavier concentration at each level before moving too many resources to the next.  This plan, achieved over two seasons, should have things back to normal, or better, by 2024 in a way that can be sustained unless there are further disruptions.

Here are things IJSBA can promise at this point:

  1. World Finals is a go, the permit has been filed, money is being spent, and reservations are made.  This is a done deal so if anyone tells you otherwise ignore them.  We have several years left with our agreement to produce an annual World Finals in Lake Havasu City and we will meet our obligation under that agreement and plan to renew and extend the agreement to reach the 50th World Finals and beyond.
  2. Competitors can plan on no increased entry fees for preregistration.  Competitors who register prior to the event will pay the same fees as in 2022.  There will be a 3% credit card processing fee added to transactions paid by credit card but cash or check registrations will not incur this fee.  On site registrations will be subject to increased on site costs to cover personnel costs for registration and the increased schedule changes that come with heavy onsite registration.  This system allows for persons who register early to receive the most favorable pricing and, this encourages early registration.  The more early registrations come in, the more the organization saves on onsite resources which allows us to produce the event at a lower cost which we can pass on in the next year.
  3. Vendors and sponsors will benefit from a new critical mass program designed to save money.  Next week, IJSBA will begin our official outreach to secure and finalize ancillary sponsors and vendors for the 2022 Jettrim World Finals.  Much like competitor registration, sponsor and vendors who commit at the 11th hour cause increased accommodation costs as the trade show map must be redrawn and posters and other media cannot be printed until these participants are finalized.  These all bring increased costs which, ultimately, must be passed on to the fees charged for these services.  IJSBA will implement a program where early commitments to the sponsor and vendor program, with a 50% deposit up front, will receive discounted final invoices onsite which will be reduced based on the reaching of milestones of increased vendor spaces.  The more participation, the more the sponsors and vendors save.  By committing early, IJSBA can implement the services necessary for sponsors and vendors at lower prices.
  4. Vendor commitment to discounts onsite.  IJSBA will offer incentives to vendors who commit that their onsite prices, offered to participants, will be true sales or special rates.  The purpose of this arrangement is to ensure that the World Finals Trade Show returns to be an environment where attendees want to spend money and are rewarded with both selection and price for making the pilgrimage to the event.
  5. Increased participant services.  IJSBA will offer additional opportunities for pit space reservation, scheduled check in, and other amenities which can help participants avoid additional days of travel.
  6. Lodging partners with guaranteed preferential pricing.  IJSBA, again, will only accept lodging partnerships with establishments who guarantee that the rate offered to World Finals attendees is below any rate which will be found by other methods such as internet wholesalers or walk up to the front desk.

IJSBA looks forward to seeing all of you at the 2022 Jettrim World Finals and bringing you the 41st consecutive installment of this wonderful event.