IJSBA is pleased to release a very full list of trade show participants for the 2023 Short Block Technologies WGP-1 World Finals.  At least 30 individual vendor spaces will be present with several of them shared by multiple brands.  This is the largest PWC exclusive trade show in the world and takes place on the backdrop of the best racing in the world.  We have a little bit of overflow space left but this is getting pretty close to being the full list.  If you feel like you should be on it, or want to be, please email info@ijsba.com.

Short Block Technologies

Blowsion Kustoms

Kommander Industries


Yamaha Waverunners


VP Racing Fuels


Tone Tools

Anderson Powersports

Lee Stone

Works H2O Designs

Klotz Lubricants

Cometic Gasket

Truckboss Decks

Jet Pilot

Kawi Performance

Watercraft Superstore

RideNow Powersports

Worx Racing


Combat Aquatic USA

Pro Tech Mats

Bomber Eyewear



JE Pistons

RonnyMacc Photography


BUN Freestyle

Cometic Gasket

FAST Powesports

Klotz Lubricants

PWC Doctor 

Wiseco Pistons

Red Shirt Friday

Blacktip Jetsports

Adonis Impellers

Tasco Gloves

High Speed Industries

FLY Racing

Junior Stars of Florida

IMS Shirt Werx

Farthing Racing

Snyderbuilt Construction

Giant Lemon Lemonade and Burgers

Marnies Nachos

Red Wagon BBQ

Pza Pizza

Red Shirt Friday

Scoops Ice Cream

Tech One Massge

Concierge Health IV Therapy

IJSBA US National Championship

IJSBA US Classic Two Stroke National Championship

IJSBA Junior National Championship

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Hot Products



Thurst Innovations

Go Lake Havasu