IJSBA is alerting competitors to an interim hull and displacement ruling for the Ski GP and Ski Modified Classes..  Up for a possible 2019 Rule Change is a clarification on the overall length of a Ski watercraft equipped with an aftermarket bottom and/or top deck.  A temporary ruling was issued that the overall length of a Ski was 102 inches with 97 inches allocated for the hull, and a maximum of 5 additional length to allow for ride plate and nozzle extensions.  A suggestion has been made that this temporary ruling should be made permanent.

The final ruling will not be made in the month of January,  Ski competitors need to be able to prepare a watercraft well in advance of February's Mark Hahn 300.  In order to accommodate this need, IJSBA is issuing an interim ruling for an overall length, for Ski with an aftermarket hull, of 102 inches.  Further, these Ski may utilize a homologated, naturally aspirated engine up to 1500cc.  If the 102 inch overall length is not made permanent, this length will remain permissible in Ski Endurance categories for the remainder of the calendar year.

For any questions of comments regarding this release, please email info@ijsba.com