IJSBA is pleased to release the first draft of a schedule for the 2020 VP Racing Fuels World Finals.  This schedule has on the water activity beginning on Wednesday, October 7.

There will be a beachside riders meeting and course orientation planned for Tuesday October 6, in the afternoon, but no person will get in the water any earlier than Wednesday morning.  It is unlikely there will be many LCQ required this year so we will probably do a two moto system for most class and give you more laps.

This will be evolving and we want to frontload the Wednesday and Thursday as much as possible to ensure we have some make up time in case we encounter any bad weather.

Please download the schedule at the end of this posting and please send any questions or comments to info@ijsba.com.

Download the first draft of the schedule here:  2020 VP Racing Fuels World Finals Schedule First Draft