IJSBA officials have met, today, including World Finals Race Director Peter DeSmet.  The meeting consisted of a final review of available data regarding the 2017 Kawasaki SX-R and the direction of Ski Racing for the next two years.

To begin, IJSBA reiterates an early statement that the new Kawasaki SX-R cannot be integrated into most existing Ski classes.  As such, the new Ski PWC will be separated where possible.  In some cases, it will not be possible to separate the new unit into an individual category.  IJSBA is adopting policies with the following goals in mind: protecting existing classes that enjoy strong participation, protecting the investments existing competitors have made in their equipment, protecting the strong aftermarket innovators who support IJSBA Racing and enhance the enjoyment and competitiveness of watercraft, and to allow the development and growth of new OEM Ski products. 

IJSBA finds that the two dominant divisions of existing Ski categories are Lites and Two Stroked based Mod/GP classes.  Therefore, IJSBA will focus on preserving these classes.  At the 2017 World Finals, the existing GP Class will drop to 1300cc for all naturally aspirated Ski regardless of whether they are powered by a two stroke of four stroke engine.  Forced induction four stroke engines will be limited to a maximum displacement of 900cc.  All GP class eligible Ski may compete in Ski Mod classes.  IJSBA finds the need to create an individual Stock division which services the new SX-R.  IJSBA finds the need to allow a set of elite classes, which allow the new SX-R, which shall be Ski Mod.  Pro/Am Ski GP shall run Saturday, October 7 and conclude that day.  Pro Ski Mod shall run Sunday, October 8 and conclude that day.  For Ski Mod classes,  the displacement for naturally aspirated four stroke engines will be 1500cc and the maximum displacement for forced induction four stroke engines shall be 1100cc with possible boost control requirements to be announced.  Ski competing in the Mod category, which have four stroke displacements above 1100cc, must utilize OEM hulls only.

Please note that the classes below do not make mention of required speed control devices.  Speed control devices absolutely will be a requirement on the 2017 Kawasaki SX-R in some but not all classes.

YES: 2017 SX-R Allowed

Pro Classes

Pro Ski Modified

Pro/Am Classes

Pro/Am Ski Stock

Expert Classes

Expert Ski Stock

Expert Ski Mod

Amateur Classes

Veterans Ski Stock (2 Stroke Limiteds May Be Allowed)

Novice Classes

Novice Ski Stock

Unclassified Classes

Womens’ Ski (2 stroke Limited/Four Stroke Stock)

Masters Ski Stock (2 Stroke Limiteds May Be Allowed)

Junior Classes

10-12 Stock

13-15 Stock


NO: 2017 SX-R, Not Allowed

Pro Am Classes

GP Ski (1300 CC N/A Limit 900cc Forced Induction Limit)

Ski Lites


Expert Classes

Expert Ski GP 

Expert Ski Lites

Amateur Classes

Amateur Ski GP

Amateur Ski Lites (2 Stroke Only)

Amateur Veteran’s Ski Lites

Amateur Veterans Ski GP


Novice Classes

Novice Ski Lites

Novice Women’s Ski Lites (May become Amateur Women’s Ski Lites)


Junior Classes

Junior Ski 10-12 Lites (Stock Rules 2 Stroke Only)

Junior Ski 13-15 Lites (Stock Rules 2 Stroke Only)

Junior Ski 13-15 Limited (Final Year)


All Skill Level, Pro Ranked Competitors Must Petition To Participate

Classic Ski Two Stroke Limited  (Limited Class Rules, Two Stroke Only)

Master’s Ski GP

Vintage Ski (Two Motos- Combined Score For Overall.)


If you have any questions or comments regarding this press release, please email info@ijsba.com.