IJSBA is pleased to announce the results of the voting for the changes to the 2020 IJSBA Competition Rule Book. Where changes are passed and approved, competitors are strongly advised to not make any substantial actions until the final rule language is codified this week. To review the results below, the following guide should be used: Y= Yes, N= No, A= Abstain.

  1.  Formally codify a 600cc or 650cc displacement for Vintage Ski.  Result 600cc was the approved number. Y=5, N=0, A=0.       Rule Change Passes.
  2. More strict standards for the tow loop requirement.  The final language approved was that all events designated as State Championship, National Championship, Continental Championship, World Cup, or World Championship will require IJSBA Approved Tow Loops.       Race Directors may penalize competitors who have a non approved tow loop break during rescue. Y=4, N=1, A=0 (Note, the No was only to allowing a penalty for broken loops). Rule Change Passes.
  3.  Allow aftermarket water routing methods in Stock Classes. Y=4, N=1, A=0. Rule Change Passes. No additional cooling supply will be allowed with this rule.
  4.  Allow adjustable cam timing gears in Stock Classes.  Y=1, N=4, A=0. Rule Change Does Not Pass.
  5.  Allow unrestricted aftermarket fuel tanks in Sport GP and Sport Spec.  Rule Change: All aftermarket fuel tanks must be certified by IJSBA prior to the 2020 World Finals and must be a uniformed product that comes from a reputable manufacturer. All OEM manufactured tanks of any sort shall be deemed approved. Y=4, N=0, A=1. Rule Change Passes.
  6.  Change Sport GP top deck allowances to mirror Ski Modified/GP.  This change would allow upper decks to resemble the traditional look of a Sport type of watercraft.  IJSBA will allow approved aftermarket top deck manufacturers to produce carefully vetted products for use in Sport GP. Designs, production methods, quantities, and sustainability of the producer must be approved by IJSBA. Y=4, N=1, A=0. Rule Change Passes.
  7.  Allow Stock Class SX-R 1500 to bore exit nozzle and/or venture steering nozzle.  Y=0, N=5, A=0. Rule Change Does Not Pass.
  8.  Allow the removal of OEM Mirrors in Runabout Stock Classes including 1100 and Rec Lites.  Approved language would allow non integrated mirrors to be removed on all Stock and Runabout Rec Lites. The mirrors must be stand alone and not integrated into the a larger feature or design of the watercraft. Y=4, N=1, A=0. Rule Change Passes.
  9.   Change Rec Lites to allow only plastic type hulls. Y=1, N=4, A=0. Rule Change Does Not Pass.
  10.   Allow all 1100 Open/GP Runabout PWC to utilize aftermarket hulls.  Y=1, N=4, A=0. Rule Change Does Not Pass.
  11.   Extend sponson length on Kawasaki SX-R 1500 to 40 inches from 36 inches.  Y=3, N=1, A=1. Rule Change Does Not Pass.
  12.   Change Women's Class to allow GP/Modified Ski or Mod Lites Ski.  Approved language: Should IJSBA add Mod Lites Ski as part of the Womens’ Ski Category? Y=4, N=1, A=0.
  13.   Require a mandatory 9000 RPM Rev Limiter in Runabout Stock Classes.  Y=0, N=5, A=0. Rule Change Does Not Pass.
  14.   Reduce the amount of Runabout allowed on a starting line in Runabout Classes without exception.  Approved Language: Organizers are recommended to reduce the maximum full sized Runabouts except where a minimum track size is employed. Y=4, N=0. A=1. Rule Change Passes.
  15.   Allow communication devices between rider and shore for Endurance Racing.  Approved Language limits this to long courses where competitors are likely to go out of sight and and/or have an end destination different and remote from the starting point. Y=5, N=0, A=0. Rule Change Passes.
  16.   Allow aftermarket trim tabs in Rec Lites.  Y=0, N=5, A=1. Rule Change Does Pass.
  17.   Allow manual trim devices in Runabout Rec Lites and Stock Classes.  Y=2, N=3, A=0. Rule Change Does Not Pass.
  18.   Specifically prohibit texture changes to Sea-Doo Spark watercraft in categories where aftermarket hulls are not allowed. Approved Language: Shall IJSBA prohibit texture changes to the planning surface on plastic hulls except for limited repairs. Y=4, N=0, A=1. Rule Change Passes.

The IJSBA Board of Directors are a representative from each participating OEM Manufacturer, a member to represent the PWC Aftermarket Industry, and a vote from the managing director. The IJSBA Board of Directors is comprised of the following persons:

Kawasaki: Joe Heim

Yamaha: Scott Watkins

BRP/Sea-Doo: Tim McKercher

Aftermarket Industry: Dave Bamdas

IJSBA Managing Director: Scott Frazier