IJSBA is releasing the conceptual track for the 2021 Jettrim WGP-1 World Finals.  The track is based off of the standard World Finals configuration with a notable change to the penalty buoy.  Please observe that this track diagram is not to scale.  IJSBA intends for the layout of the right side of the track to be very technical and the left side of the track to be much more spread out than normal to allow greater opportunities for passing.  The penalty buoy will now be located after the end of the back stretch.  The reason for this change is to have less congestion in an area of the track where we are intending to slow down watercraft prior to the scoring gate.  IJSBA intends for all competitors to properly negotiate the split section buoys under all circumstances and, therefore, failure to do so will result in a penalty that may not be remediated.  Please review the following specified penalties in relation to buoy negotiation at this year's event:

Improperly Negotiating Any Buoy From The Start Gate To The First Lap Flag: 1 Lap With No Opportunity To Remediate.

Improperly Negotiating Merge Buoy (aka "the sausage"): 1 Lap With No Opportunity To Remediate.

Improperly Negotiating A Split Section Buoy: Minimum penalty is 1 position per missed buoy.  The Race Director may impose a 1 lap penalty if  the Race Director believes that the missed buoy resulted in a gain that is not limited by a 1 position penalty.  Multiple missed buoys in the split course may result in an escalated penalty.  The Race Director may take into account contributions from another rider leading to the missed split buoy.  Otherwise, missed split section buoys cannot be remediated.

Improperly Negotiating Any Other Course Buoy And Failing To Take The Penalty Buoy: 1 Lap

Missing a Buoy All Together (aka "straightlining"):  Minimum penalty of 1 Lap.  The Race Director may impose a greater penalty if the Race Director determines the missed buoy was egregious.  A missed buoy that appears to be reckless or if the rider missing a buoy demonstrates the rider is not oriented to the course may result in a black flag penalty.

Please immediately bring any comments regarding this posting to IJSBA by emailing info@ijsba.com.