IJSBA is releasing the following preliminary scheduling grid for the 2020 VP Racing Fuels World Finals.  Currently, World Finals planning is to extend check in only days an additional day than in normal years in order to allow for a safe and spaced out registration process.  This is preliminary, racers should prepare for the entire preliminary schedule to be tentative.  As the event dynamics are certain to change, along with the pandemic mitigation measures in place, IJSBA reserves the right to make any changes to scheduling necessary.  However, we will make every effort to inform the public of these changes immediately.  Please send questions or comments regarding this tentative scheduling grid to info@ijsba.com.




  Last Year This Year     Last Year This


Novice Runabout Stock T W   Novice Ski Stock T W    
Amateur Runabout Rec Lites Th Th   Amateur Ski GP F F    
Amateur Runabout LTD T W   Amateur Ski Lites W W   T=Tuesday
Amateur Runabout 1100 LTD T W   Amateur Vet Ski Stock W Th   W=Wednesday
*Runabout 1100 Stock W Th   Amateur Vet Ski GP Th F   Th=Thursday
*Runabout 1100 Open S Th/F/S(PRO-AM)   Amateur Veterans Ski Lites Th Th   F=Friday
*Women Runabout T S   Amateur Women's Ski Lites Th F   S=Saturday
Pro-Am Vets Runabout T W   Amateur Ski 2 Stroke GP   F   Su=Sunday
Pro-Am Runabout LTD F F   Expert Ski Modified   Th    
Pro-Am Runabout Stock S S   Expert Ski Stock Th F    
Pro- Am Runabout Superstock Su Su   *Ski Mod Lites** T S    
Pro Runabout GP S S   *Grand Master Ski   Su    
        *Master Ski GP W Th    
*Sport Spec Th Th   *Master Ski Stock T W    
*Sport GP F F   *Vintage Ski S S    
*Blaster GP** F W   *Vintage X2 Su sU    
        Pro-Am Ski GP S/Su S/Su    
Amateur Freestyle F F   Pro-Am Ski Stock S S    
Pro Freestyle S/Su S/Su   Pro-Am Ski Lites Th Th    
        Pro-Am Women's Ski S/Su S/Su    
Pro-Am Endurance Runabout Open Su Su   Pro Ski Modified Su Su    
*Ski Endurance Sprint Su Su            
        Junior Ski 10-12 Lites Th/F Th/F    
Four Stroke Ski Stock Slalom F/S F/S   Junior Ski 10-12 Stock S/Su S/Su    
Ski Modified Slalom F/S F/S   Junior Ski 13-15 Lites Th/F Th/F    
Runabout Open Slalom F/S F/S   Junior Ski 13-15 Stock S/Su S/Su    
Sport GP Slalom F/S F/S