IJSBA is pleased to release the drafts of the 2016-2017 Ski Lites and Ski Limited classes for the Competition Rule Book.

The public is asked to review these drafts.  Ski Limited competitor, who use a Four Stroke Ski PWC (Hydrospace), we are asking you to take special care to diligently review these drafts as this is the first time Four Stroke has a separate division in the rule book.  In fact, the is the first time, since the inclusion of Runabouts in IJSBA Racing, that the book is organized between Ski and Runabout as opposed to being organized by categories such as Stock and Limited.

Please download the draft of the Ski Lites and Ski Limited Rules by clicking here:  2016 Ski Lites Limited V2.

Please email any comments, questions, or suggestions for revisions to info@ijsba.com.