IJSBA is sad to report that the devastation of Typhoon Yolanda, in the Philippines, has had a direct effect on one of our host cities.  Tacloban City has been a regular and generous host for IJSBA International Competitions which have been well attended by riders from UAE, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, and other nations from around the world.  Tacloban City was one of the areas most hardest hit from the typhoon.

Jet Sport Association Philippines President, Harley David, along with his brother Jambee David, have been leaders in arranging donations to help those in need.  IJSBA will soon have more information on how the International PWC Community can help.  In the meantime, persons wanting to get involved immediately may contact competitors Paul DelRosario and BJ Ang by the following methods:

Paul Del Rosario

BJ Ang
bjbigjet @yahoo.com