The International Jet Sports Boating Association is pleased to announce changes to the IJSBA structure that allow Racer Members to enjoy greater participation in the rule making process. These changes include racer committees, a safety committee, and a veto power.

“ I am very happy to see the veto power come into reality,” said outgoing Racer Representative Scott Frazier. “The current Racer Rep, Amy Green, has a great tool to use in her efforts to further empower racers and bring about consensus. With an expanded racer committee at her side she will have a very valuable body of knowledge to apply towards policy making. Racer input in the rule process is a very good thing.”

The following committees are now standing committees within the IJSBA: Closed Course Committee, Endurance Committee, Freestyle Committee, and Safety Committee. The committees shall have appointed members through 2006. Starting in 2007, a more elaborate voting system shall be in place where specific geographical boundaries shall chose the competition committee members through a popular election. Safety committee members shall continue to be selected by the IJSBA.

The current committee break down is as follows:

Closed Course Committee (5 members):
1. Amy Green
2. Victor Sheldon
3. Ken Haverkate
4. Pending
5. Pending

Freestyle Committee (3 members):
1. Gary Burtka
2. Pending
3. Pending/Open

Endurance Committee:
1. Ken Ritchie
2. Pending
3. Pending/Open

Effective immediately, any committee member may bring a vote to veto a proposed rule book change. Should the committee vote unanimously in favor of proceeding with the veto, then the Racer Representative shall begin the veto process. The Racer Rep shall solicit protests from the competition members of the various affiliate bodies. If the Racer Rep receives verified protests from a majority of the existing competition members then the rule in question will be vetoed. The full text will be available soon.

A safety committee has been formed. The safety committee will keep the IJSBA up to date on current trends regarding PWC related safety and rescue measures. The following is your safety committee:

1. Shawn Alladio
2. Pending
3. Pending/Open

“ It has been a pleasure to serve as your Racer Representative,” said Frazier. “I am sure you will all be pleased with the efforts of Amy Green.”