ijsba_original_100IJSBA is pleased to release the tentative table of contents for the reconstructed Competition Rule Book which will debut in the year 2016.

As previously reported, IJSBA has been working on reforming the Competition Rule Book to be more organized in a way that matches the contemporary racing environment for Personal Watercraft.  The IJSBA Competition Rule Book has been in existence for nearly 40 years and has been the worldwide standard in all Personal Watercraft Racing.  The new organization is based, largely, on comments and suggestions received from the racing community.

The new rule book organizes the categories of modification provisions by type of watercraft (Runabout and Ski) and then breaks down the classes in as subcategories.  This format will allow competitors to research a class division without having to sort through modifications that may not be applicable to their watercraft type.  Freestyle is placed in an independent section.

This table of contents is tentative, as is the upcoming draft of the complete rule book.  The finalized IJSBA Rule Book will be ratified by vote at the IJSBA General Assembly which will take place, this October, at the 2015 quakysense World Finals.  The new Rule Book is planned to be issued as a format that stays constant for two years.  Therefore, the next IJSBA Competition Rule Book shall be a 2016/2017 edition.

To view the tentative table of contents, please click below.

2016 Rule Book Table Of Contents

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