IJSBA is notifying the Personal Watercraft Racing Community to pending changes to Vintage Ski Competition Rules.  Since the inception of Vintage Ski at the annual IJSBA World Finals, IJSBA has allowed the regions to organize Vintage Ski categories with flexible rules tailored to the needs of the local supply of watercraft to create a solid grass roots competition program.  The Vintage Ski rules for World Finals were created to be a synthesis of the various programs ran around the USA and the rest of the world.  IJSBA has been given updated information to help ensure that the Vintage Ski Category at the 2022 Jettrim WGP-1 World Finals is compatible with the body of watercraft likely to compete:



Change Sponson Rule To Allow Two Sets of Sponsons:

IJSBA Proposes this change to VSK.2.4:  All watercraft may be equipped with a maximum of four sponsons. Original equipment sponsons
may be modified, aftermarket, repositioned or removed. Sponsons shall not protrude from the side of
the hull by more than 100.00mm (3.94 in.) when measured in a level horizontal plane. The vertical
channel created by the underside of the sponson shall not exceed 63.5mm (2.50in). No part of the
sponson shall extend downward below the point at which the side of the hull intersects the bottom
surface of the hull by more than 38.00mm (1.50 in.). Aftermarket or modified sponsons must exceed
6mm (0.24 in.) in thickness. All leading edges must be radiused so as not to create a hazard. Sponsons
may not be attached to the planing surfaces of the hull. Fins, rudders, skegs and other appendages that
may create a hazard will not be allowed. (See diagrams in Appendix.) Sponsons may be attached to the
inside of the bond flange, but no part of the sponson may extend more than 38.00mm (1.500 in.) below
the lower part of the bond flange (bumper removed). Sponsons attached to the inside of the bond
flange shall not protrude outside the bond flange (bumper removed) when measured in a level
horizontal plane. The total sponson length shall be limited to 1,524 mm (60 in) in a single or two
sponson configuration. The decision of the Technical Director and/or Race Director regarding
modifications will be final. Any question regarding the legality of modifications should be directed to the
IJSBA or IJSBA affiliate prior to use in competition. 

Change To Ignition And Electronic Section:

IJSBA proposes the allowance of aftermarket ignitions by changing Rule VSK 5 et seq as follows:


VSK 5.1  Ignition system, electrical box, flywheel and flywheel cover may be modified or aftermarket. Battery charging circuit may be disabled and/or removed.

VSK.5.3 Flywheel cover may be modified to accept a crankshaft-end bearing support.

VSK.5.2 An n additional battery and battery box may be used. Batteries must fit into a proper battery box and be securely fastened. Batteries may be relocated. 

VSK.5.3 Relocation of electrical components (e.g., battery, box or housing) is allowed in order to fit an
aftermarket exhaust system (only the strict minimum needed). Modification will be subject to Race/Tech
Directors’ approval.

For questions or comments about these pending changes, please email info@ijsba.com.  Objections should be registered within ten days of this publishing.