IJSBA is releasing the tentative plan for the Endurance category of the 2022 Jettrim WGP-1 World Finals.  In most years, the event hosts the Endurance category at the end of the final day.  This has been so all eligible runabout riders could enter this class without wearing down their engines prior to closed course racing.  While this will be the fall back plan for this year's event, we are asking for competitors to keep both Saturday and Sunday open on the calendar so that we can give this class as much of a focus as any other class.  Please read the following bulliten for IJSBA's position on how this class is managed.


The Endurance Sprint category has been offered in two formats: distance and oval.  In both cases the category is held in two motos, approximately 30 minutes, with fueling not a factor in the competition.  The preference is to do distance.  However, when weather and other delays impact the schedule, we bring the category into an oval format so that the entire field of competitors can be viewed and if a rescue is required it does not have to be performed while the sun is setting out in the open water.  The concerns are similar for running the Endurance class earlier in the day.  If there is a distance event, and a rescue is required, whether mechanical or injury, course marshals are committed until the rescue is complete which could severely impact the schedule if the class was held early in the day.  For these reasons the natural place to hold this class at the end of the day and in the oval format if we are pressed for time.


As of today, while we are putting the final touches on the schedule, we still expect considerable entries on site and cannot guarantee a Saturday moto for Endurance.  If you have questions or comments regarding the possibility of running the first moto of Endurance on Saturday, please immediately email info@ijsba.com so we can evaluate all input.