It is getting close to the opening of World Finals.  It is also time to remind competitors of IJSBA's policies on vending and logo displays- or more importantly our policies on unauthorized logos and vending or exhibiting.

Vending and product displays, anywhere in the pit or vendor areas are only allowed subject to IJSBA approval.  It is the responsibility of all vendors to clear any product or product line that will be sold or displayed prior to booth set up.  This includes displaying of logos or giveaway products that have not been cleared by IJSBA.

Product vending and exhibition displays in the pits are not allowed.  Do not misinterpret this- you can display the products you are using and hang banners, and you can put a for sale sign on the stuff you are trying to sell at the end of the season.  Please just don't try to set up a vendor booth.  Food sales, sampling, or giveaways of any consumable product- even beverages- is prohibited.  This part isn't IJSBA being the bridge troll, it isn't permitted without clearing several hurdles with the venue, the city, and the county.

As if this post wasn't already a downer, we also need to remind competitors and participants that IJSBA will not allow the displaying of any logos on race course, or in the vendor area, of any entity which has an unresolved bounced check or is in arrears to IJSBA or IJSBA's host venue for a period greater than a year.  IJSBA announcers will not announce these brands over the loudspeaker either.