IJSBA has been working closely with Aquacopters in refining their technology to develop aerial drones that can follow PWC races.  While there are many great drones on the market, many an operator has faced the frustration of being taken out of commission by the water.  In fact, a couple of years ago, PWC legend, and hall of famer, Larry Rippenkroger, made his triumphant return to the World Finals race course; however, his success was in retrieving his submerged drone and camera equipment not from racing.  Aquacopters produces a top of the line drone that is also waterproof.

Aquacopters have been fully tested by IJSBA and we have given them a great deal of feedback in how to tailor their product to capture high speed action in watersports.  IJSBA is currently consulting to assist Aquacopters in the development of their new Bullfrog system which will have the capability to automatically target and follow selected competitors around a race course.  will become our official aerial photography partner.

This is the official statement from Aquacopters:  "The follow me feature is linked between the quadcopter and a link to a GPS enabled device (generally an Android phone). The distance, height, and position is controlled by an app on the Android phone (for example).  In the case of watersport activity, the rider carries the GPS device and the features can be set to follow behind the rider at 5 meters behind and at 10 meters high (all parameters can be altered at any given time.)

With the integration into our new Bullfrog system, we have experienced autonomous "follow me" flights of over 20 minutes. In addition to the follow me feature, waypoints (flight paths) can be programmed directly from an Android phone or tablet and sent on a mission by the push of a button. Also for those out all alone with no one around to take a picture, there is a one touch "dronie" function that automatically sets a pre-determined course for the copter to set out and capture a "selfie" with the drone and automatically return to land when complete."

The partnership with Aquacopters is a benefit to the PWC Racing Community.  Waterproof drones can safely produce otherwise impossible to achieve action shots.  The cost of a drone is less than hiring a helicopter for a day and, of course, if the drone makes a water landing, it is not destroyed.

IJSBA will have a Bullfrog by Aquacopters for further testing at the 2015 Hot Products Mark Hahn 300 presented by Yamaha, on February 28.  Aquacopters wil be an exhibitor at the trade show portion of the 2015 quakysense World Finals.  For more information please visit www.aquacopters.com.