IJSBA is announcing the official opening of the discussion period for making changes to the 2020 Competition Rules.  This period begins today and ends December 30 at 12:00 Midnight, Pacific Standard Time.  Suggestions may be made by emailing info@ijsba.com and using the guidelines below.


The International Jet Sports Boating Association is a membership based association and formal requests for rule changes must come from members of IJSBA or an IJSBA Affiliate.  Affiliates, themselves, may also provide rule change requests based on the needs and opinions of their country of membership.  Contributing aftermarket supporters are invited to send in advisory suggestions.  Members of the general public, who are not competitors, are always welcome to send any questions or comments to IJSBA, on any subject matter, including rules though these comments may not be taken as official submissions.  Please note that any submissions may be recirculated or republished by IJSBA.

Please submit suggestions using this format:



Relationship to racing (IJSBA Membership, how much racing done in 2019 and previously):

Rule Suggestion:

Why this suggestion is a good idea (in a few words):

Best way to contact me for follow up discussions:


Email the above to info@ijsba.com.  Comments will cataloged, discussed, and presented as a list of recommendations to the IJSBA Board of Directors who will ratify, modify, or reject the recommendations in an early January session and the results posted by February 1.


Here are a couple of words from the person that has to receive all of this, process it, discuss it, come up with a recommendation, defend it and alter it where necessary-

We are all in this sport together and, for the most part, everybody wants the same thing.  The goal is for IJSBA to provide the very best in an athletic competition for skills from Novice to Pro and from the low budget range all the way to a premiere level of performance and engineering.  We don't always all agree on the best way to reach this goal and this is to be expected because the sport has diverse bodies within it.  OEM producers want the sport to focus on stock and stock appearing watercraft; aftermarket producers want to sell performance parts; budget minded racers want to keep their current built PWC as relevant as possible; and big budget racers want to take it to the limit.  We need to consider every perspective, look at what the numbers are telling is within the sport and keep an eye on the happenings of the global economy outlook to make sure what we want to do will fit within the environment for the year the measures are to be implemented.  

It is going to be a long next couple of months.  In the American Continent, we are looking at some potential heavy winters which will keep us holed up indoors with a temptation to use surplus energy on the computer keyboards.  In the Asian and Oceanic regions, the sport will be traversing through a season where there are no new OEM products and no major changes in equipment.  Political change and economic uncertainty, along with currency devaluation, are present in every section of the globe.  There are going to be a lot of passionate feelings about where to steer the policies during this period.  We need to respect that things are very different for different people and we need to find the best way to move all of us forward together.  In some cases the best change may be no change at all and, in other cases, reconfiguration may be the best way forward.  Whatever you submit, please do so in a method that is prepared to discuss the proposition with opposing viewpoints as part of the discussion.