IJSBA offices are now closed* for World Finals.  IJSBSA administration will be on site, at Crazy Horse Campgrounds, on Thursday, October 3rd.  Monday, September 30, the mail will be collected, at the IJSBA office, and no further mailed entries will be accepted.  Persons registering online, or emailing in completed entry forms, have until 11:59, PST, on October 1 to finalize registration for World Finals.  All other registrations will take place on site only.  Registration will open Saturday, October 5th at the ISLAND INN in Lake Havasu City.  Please check ijsba.com for details.

*Managing Director's note: the IJSBA office phone is forwarding to my cell phone.  I am going to be loading the truck Monday after collecting the mail and, then, driving all day Tuesday.  The most I can probably do during this time is take notes.  Email access will be limited.  If there is something that needs immediate attention, please do not hesitate to call and I will do the best I can to get it handled.  Otherwise, please wait until Thursday.