IJSBA offices are closed until 12:00 Noon, PST, on Monday, April 2, in observation of Good Friday and Passover.  For those of you not into fasting or painting your front door, it is a nice Spring day- step outside and enjoy it.  Look around you and be grateful to spend time on this planet.  Have tea and pastries with your family and loved ones.  Put a sticker on your watercraft.  Send a text to a fellow competitor and tell that person how much you enjoy his or her camaraderie.  On behalf of the IJSBA office we enjoy  the fellowship and friendship that exists in the sport.

So, the phones are turned off- for those of you in a panic, you will have to wait until Monday to hear a human voice tell you we aren't moving World Finals from Lake Havasu City.  After posting a few things and finishing the emails in the inbox (and catching up on some backlog) the computer is going to be turned off in the spirit of the day.  See you next week.