IJSBA is announcing relief for all International Affiliates in 2020.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic ceasing nearly all racing around the globe, IJSBA has ceased the collection of International Affiliate dues since February.  Racing is starting up in some locations and several international competitors have requested invitations to the 2020 VP Racing Fuels World Finals.  In order to be compliant with our charter and insurance, IJSBA needs to resume the enrolling of affiliates for 2020.  However, we will do so with the financial relief stated below.


  IJSBA will reduce International Affiliate dues by 50% for the calendar year 2020.  If your national organization has already paid the 2020 dues then you will be able to take the 50% deduction in 2021.   Affiliates are requested to contact IJSBA within the next two weeks to make necessary arrangements for renewals by emailing info@ijsba.com.