IJSBA is pleased to announce the availability and options for additional competitor insurance for participants in IJSBA Sanctioned events in the United States of America.  These options include insurance against injury, liability, and equipment loss while participating in the sanctioned competition.

  By default, IJSBA offers participants no coverage of any kind.  Competitors participate in IJSBA events at their own risk for injury and/or equipment loss.  Competitors have the ability to procure, from IJSBA, injury and life insurance.  New to the program is the ability for individual competitors, team owners, and sponsors to procure liability insurance and coverage in case a watercraft is damaged or destroyed.

  Persons interested in these options must contact IJSBA, in advance of competition, to secure these types of coverage and to negotiate any alternative agreements, with IJSBA, in respect to coverage at IJSBA events.  Please send any inquiries to IJSBA by emailing info@ijsba.com