Just in from our Peruvian Affiliates:

With great success the 1st round of the Federations Cup was held on Agua Dulce beach and  the viewers enjoyed the great duels between participants in Offshore and especially Endurance races. 26 riders from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay and Peru took part in this international event.

The results were as follows

Off Shore

1st Carlos Torres / Nicol Loduca (Peru / Uruguay)

2nd Javier Diaz / Martin Lopepe (Peru / Uruguay)

3rd AnibalAliaga / Bruno Jacob (Peru / Brazil)


1st Paloma Noceda / Alvaro Diaz (Peru / Uruguay)

2nd Anibal Aliaga / Gastón Díaz (Peru / Uruguay)

3rd Carlos Torres / Neelesh Dinani (Peru / Chile)

Free Ride

1st Bruno Jacob (Brazil)

2nd Gonzalo Martinez (Argentina)

The organization has been commended for the success of this international event and look forward to the 2nd round of the Cup at the end of September.