The 2017 IJSBA Racing season has started in the Cayman Islands.  The Cayman Islands Watercraft Association (CIWA) is one of the longest consistent IJSBA Affiliates in the Caribbean and, despite being a modest sized island, they have produced some fierce competitors and have earned World Championships in Lake Havasu City.

On  March 26, a small but stalwart band (Bards Tale on an Amiga 1000!) or racers sliced through the warm waters of the Caribbean sea to start the journey in search of more trophies and titles.  The race even made the news.  A full article is available here:  The group even brings Mike Young in to announce and assist in race administration.  So, you know everyone had a good time even if their Executive Director got a grey hair or two out of the deal.

IJSBA will bring you more information on the next CIWA race as we receive it.