IJSBAIJSBA is notifying competitors that participation in two events is required to be eligible to register for the 2015 quakysense World Finals.

Where an organizer’s weekend is broken into one round per day, each day may qualify as a separate round if the rounds are completely separate (i.e. no combined scoring, nor requirement to participate in both days).  Only IJSBA Sanctioned Events will count towards a competitor’s eligibility at World Finals.

If a competitor, who is a regular participant at both qualifying events, and World Finals, believes that he, or she, has a legitimate hardship that prevented him, or her, from competing in two events then that person may send a hardship appeal to IJSBA.  Competitors are cautioned that such hardship requests will be thoroughly scrutinized and IJSBA may require supporting documentation.  The World Finals is an event which is intended for competitors who have earned the right to compete for a World Championship.

If there are any questions regarding this policy, please contact IJSBA by emailing info@ijsba.com.