IJSBA reminds the Personal Watercraft Community, including all IJSBA members and those who may wish to become members that there are agreements for the waiver of liability and assumption of risk that are required to be signed as a condition precedent for participating in any IJSBA Sanctioned Competition in the United States of America including World Finals.  All competition events, and especial motorized competition events which take place on the water, cannot take place without some degree of risk to the participants.  Risk of injury or death is always present in any motorsports activity as an inherent possibility and this possibility increases the faster the speeds which the participants travel within the competition.  Participants must acknowledge and assume these risks or injury or death as a possible outcome for participation in Personal Watercraft competitions and participants must waive any right to recover any damages or losses incurred by the competitor during a competition even where those damages are caused by any form of negligence whatsoever.  Terms of the mandatory waiver and assumption of risk agreement may be negotiated in advance of an event by contacting the International Jet Sports Boating Association through email at info@ijsba.com.  The low participant fees at IJSBA Sanctioned Events are calculated on the assumption that liability waivers and assumption of risk agreements are in the form presented by IJSBA.  Contact IJSBA for further details or any questions or comments relating to this bulletin.