Hello PWC Racers and fans!!!  It is almost time to snap the first band of the 2013 Hot Products World Finals.  It has been a great last couple of days as people signed in and the pits filled (people saving extra pit space for late comers wasn’t so great and this is something we will be preventing next year).  The opening line on Saturday took up most of the floor at Havasu Powersports.  Competitors were happy to get a very generous welcome bag from Hot Products.

Two days prior, things were pretty hectic as the wind undid most of the work the ground crew had put in place.  Tents were destroyed and most of the set up had to be redone in its entirety.  We took a short camera phone video to show you the situation.  The staff worked hard and got everything lined up for practice today.  The course is getting positive comments.

We are wrapping up, right now, to finally go home and start racing tomorrow.  In the meantime, there is simply nothing prettier than a Havasu sunset over the race course.