The IJSBA (International Jet Sports Boating Association) is pleased to announce that CarolAnne Giustina has been named as the new Freestyle Competition Director, Vice Chair of the Freestyle Committee, and as well as the Co Producer of the “Under the Bridge” Show.

CarolAnne has been working with the IJSBA World Finals since 2005 as Continuity Manager and Event Coordinator.  Her work each year has further refined and developed the freestyle competition format. Her new title of Freestyle Competition Director will further allow her to work with athletes, teams and judges to clarify and refine the criteria and bring the sport of Freestyle to the next level.


CarolAnne Giustina began her career in Sports Event Management in the mid 1990’s. She began working on the first televised Snowboard events as registration manager and on hill coordinator.  In 1998, CarolAnne was hired by 4 Leaf Entertainment to help develop and manage the very first Freestyle Motocross events and tour. She worked within the team to develop the judging and competition format, which became the first freestyle motocross sanctioning body, the International Freestyle Motocross Association (IFMA).


In 1999, CarolAnne along with 4 Leaf Entertainment created the very first professional Freeride Watercraft Competition, the Red Bull Wave Bash.  Spectators and athletes were excited about this new competition format, using 50% trick scores and 50% surf riding. These events translated into the creation of the Freeride Watercraft Association (FWA).  This became three (3) successful years with Red Bull Wave Bash and also the IJSBA Pro Watecraft Tour combining Freeride and Motosurf racing into one deliverable and exciting event.


In 2005, the FWA, became an international organization, the International Freeride Watercraft Association (IFWA). A world tour was created and brought together athletes and organizers from across to the globe to highlight this exciting sport.  World events now had a standardized judging and competition format. Events have been held in Portugal, Spain, France, the UK, Brazil and Australia. For over 10 years, the IFWA has been helping athletes showcase their talents and push the sport to new limits. CarolAnne is both a member of the IFWA Technical Committee and also the U.S. organizer for the IFWA and producer of the Blowsion Surf Slam.


Readers may notice that this is the first move in IJSBA’s new direction of collaborating with other organizations for the purposes of having a united effort in normalizing and expanding PWC competitions. In addition, IJSBA held, at the 2015 World Finals, the first Freestyle Committee which set the agenda of drafting an all new scoring system and competition program for Freestyle.  CarolAnne will take the role of Vice Chair of this committee.  IJSBA Executive Director, Scott Frazier, will be the Interim Chair of this committee until such time as the members, procedures, and methods of voting are developed.  After this time a new Chairperson will fill this position.


The IJSBA welcomes CarolAnne to her new position and is excited about the future of the sport of Freestyle.  Questions about this appointment may be emailed to: info@ijsba.com