It is with deep sorrow that IJSBA announces that Grace Macairan Tarjoto has passed away.  A resident of Indonesia, Grace has been involved in IJSBA racing since the formation of the IJBA (IJSBA Indonesia).  Many competitors, from outside of Indonesia, first came to know Grace during the first Asian Beach games held in Bali in 2008.  Grace was an administrator who to a great interest in all of the participants and ensured their needs were well cared for.  She was always an ace when it came to her organization and was a major factor on the efficiency and success of the Jetski Sport portion of the event.  Again, in 2018, Grace was proud to be a part of the Asian Games, held at the IJBA facility in Jakarta.  She took the time to get to know about each competitor and cared deeply about the comfort of every person on the venue.

One of the most beautiful things about being able to participate in an international sport is that you get to meet people like Grace.  Grace was a person who brought joy to an event and brought a level of enthusiasm that motivated everyone involved with the program.  Any person who needed special attention would be noticed by Grace and she would always make sure that nothing fell through the cracks or was lost in the workload.  Her excitement and energy always motivated those around her to do their best.  She will be very missed by everyone who knew her.