Dear IJSBA members,

I am pleased to bring you the second monthly update of March.  I know... it’s April.  But this update caps off March so it couldn’t come until April.  April’s monthly update will come before the end of this month.  There are many exciting things that have happened as well as some great things developing in the world of PWC racing.  Please share the following information with your friends and colleagues.

Here in the US, Teamsport Racing’s Texas Supercourse series has gotten off to a spectacular start.  The racing was exciting and more people are preparing to attend future events in this great series.  This group puts on the US National Championships for Supercourse.  Also in the US, The first round of the Western States Cup has had an impressive amount of pre-registered racers.  Held April 7-9 on Southern California’s Lake Castaic, the series is poised to some of the Nations best racing as competitors from all over the West Coast have signed up to shoot it out for bragging rights in one of the most hotly contested zones in the USA.  Keep an eye on this series and if you are in the area come by and watch or participate.  Visit for more information.

The UK has reported that their winter series realized a very high turnout.  Racing in Europe will surely be competitive this year.  The IJSBA will be bringing you an announcement shortly regarding some new racing opportunities including a World Championship event.

Speaking of World Championships, the IJSBA has reached agreements with our affiliates in Thailand (TJSBA) and Australia (AJSBA) for shipping containers to leave from the World Finals in Lake Havasu City and travel to the King’s Cup in Thailand, then to the second annual Motosurf World Championships in Australia.  The container will then return to the USA.  This will allow competitors to attend these prestigious international events at a fraction of the costs.  If you are interested in taking advantage of this great opportunity please contact the IJSBA right away.

Staying on the subject of World Championships, the following will be the available positions for the 2006 World Finals classes:

1. Pro Ski Open (40)
2. Pro Runabout Open (36)
3. Pro Freestyle (Special Alloc.)
4. Pro Ski Stock  (28)

5. Pro Am Runabout Stock (36)
6. ProAm Women’s Ski Limited (40)
7. ProAm Runabout 800 Open (36)
8. ProAm Runabout 4 Stroke Limited (32)
9. Expert Ski Stock  (36)
10. Expert Ski Limited  (36)
11. Expert Runabout 1200 Limited (40)
12. Expert Veterans Ski Open (40)

13. Amateur Runabout 1200 Open (50)
14. Amateur Ski Lites(32)
15. Amateur Runabout 4 Stroke Stock (36)
16. Amateur Freestyle (Special Alloc.)
17. Amateur Ski Open (50)
18. Amateur Veterans Runabout 1200 Open  (36)
19. Amateur Runabout 800 Limited  (40)
20. Amateur Runabout 800 Open (36)

21. Novice Runabout Stock  (40)
22. Novice Ski Stock  (50)
23. Novice Ski Limited  (40)
24. Novice Runabout Limited (40)
25. Novice Veterans Ski Limited (36)
26. Novice Veterans Ski Open (24)
27. Novice Runabout 4 Stroke Stock (40)

28. Novice Women's Ski (40)
29. Women’s Runabout Limited (36)
30. Sport Modified (36)
31. Masters Ski Stock (36)
32. Masters Ski Open (36)

33. Supercourse (OPEN)
34. Junior Ski 10-12 Stock (50)
35. Junior Ski 10-12 Lites  (24)
36. Junior Ski 13-15 Stock (50)
37. Junior Ski 13-15 Lites (24)
38. Junior Ski 13-15 Limited (50)

The IJSBA is finalizing the allocations for each affiliate.  We will begin releasing these allocations over the next two weeks.   The US, European, Australia, New Zealand, and Thai allocations will be released within the next couple of days.  We expect a competitive year as the interest in the 25th Anniversary World Finals is very high.  This will be an event to remember.  One of the special offerings will be a hard bound commemorative yearbook which feature a chronology of the our sport’s history.  We are hoping to feature all of the event’s participants in this publication and have this book available at the event.  This will require some early registration options which will become available before the next update.

Based on the suggestions for the introductory Runabout Four Stroke Limited Class, the following will be the allowable modifications for 2006:

  1. All Stock Class Modifications.
  2. Aftermarket Seat Assembly may be used.
  3. Aftermarket Pump Assembly may be used (nozzle and venturi may be aftermarket).
  4. A choice of
    1. Aftermarket Impeller for Super/Turbo Charger ( housing may not be modified) and accompanying intercooler modifications.


    1. Aftermarket Camshaft and Aftermarket Valves.

The Technical committee will be formulating the final written rules this month.  There are still opportunities to serve on the Technical Committee.  If you are interested, please email your resume and a cover letter discussing why you would be a good addition to the IJSBA technical committee.

Elections for Rider Representative, Affiliate Representative, and Aftermarket Representative will soon be in the pre-staging process.  Information on how to run for one of these positions will be available in the next update.

As always, it is a pleasure to serve as your IJSBA Managing Director.  If I can help you with any matter, please do not hesitate to contact me by any of the following methods:

Phone: (714)-751-8695
Fax: (714)-751-8609

Scott Frazier