Greetings Personal Watercraft Community,

This is your monthly update for the month of November, 2006. Your December Update will be a mid-month update in order to bring you pertinent information for the holiday season. This update is going to be very condensed compared to other updates.

Please be assured that the next monthly update will be the wordy and lengthy posting to which you are accustomed.

  1. Rules. The IJSBA Board of Directors has been voting on the rule changes. We are well within our timeframe for a January shipment. Votes are being tallied and language clarifications are being made and will be completed today. The results of the rule changes will be posted on December 4.
  2. World Finals DVD. The World Finals DVD is being finished and going to press. The final proof is due to be delivered next week. There will be a limited edition available for the holiday season. Ordering details will become available by the 15th.
  3. Kings Cup. The King’s Cup race is going to be held on December 9 and 10. Please look for press releases. The IJSBA office will be closed for telephone calls from December 5 through December 14. We will be answering emails.
  4. Trophies. If you would like your World Finals Trophy shipped to you, please make arrangements by emailing us.

We look forward to the next three weeks where there will several information releases.

Scott Frazier

IJSBA Managing Director