This is your monthly update for February, 2006. I apologize for not getting a January update to you but we have had numerous hurdles to clear that were associated with moving the office. There will be two monthly updates in March so I hope this makes it up to you. Here is some news and information to share with your friends and colleagues:

1. The IJSBA office has changed locations. The World Headquarters are now located in Half Moon Bay, California. Please see the associated press release on the IJSBA home page for the new address. All phone numbers and email addresses remain the same. Moving the office was a painful and lengthy endeavor as numerous boxes containing several hundred thousand documents had to be examined. There was a huge benefit to this undertaking, however. In the archives there were numerous pieces of history and memorabilia which provides deep chronology of our sport all the way back to its inception. Displaying these items at the World Finals is going to be a great 25th Anniversary to the sport.

I feel the obligation, after having sorted through some of these papers, to tell all of you that many of my predecessors at the IJSBA spent a great deal of time exploring many of the ideas that we bring up today as it were a first time topic. I don’t think there are any major water bodies or potential race site locations that the IJSBA had not explored heavily. In many cases, proposals were submitted and the costs, or other bureaucratic barriers, made the location an impossibility. I think many of us knew that they did a lot for us but I do not think the actual extent is common public knowledge. I would like to recognize these individuals for their efforts in making the sport a success. I hope to give them a more formal recognition in the near future.

2. The IJSBA is working on a complete update to the competition rule book. The goal of the IJSBA is to have a set of uniformed four stroke rules which are applicable world wide. All IJSBA affiliates are strongly encouraged to submit suggestions and ideas right away. Four strokes will be the bulk of PWC used for competition in the very near future. The IJSBA will be testing the waters for the future of Four Stroke by offering a Pro-Am Four Stroke Limited Class at the World Finals this year. This introductory class will begin with a scaled down modification allowance. Compression, turbo boost, pump work/aftermarket pumps, camshafts, intercoolers, exhaust, and aftermarket seats will probably be the extent of this first offering. Please be proactive, an open dialogue is the key to creating a system that works well for all racers.

3. Motosurf dates are still going through the finalization process. Motosurf will have participants from all across the globe. It is a priority for the IJSBA to not schedule events which conflict with IJSBA Affiliate’s key races. I realize that many of you have had to reschedule dates so please submit your final dates by March 1. I will plug in the final Motosurf dates based on the international calendar I will compile that evening.

4. World Finals Classes will be announced on or before March 15.

5. Rulebook will be shipped at the end of next week. Please place your orders if you have not already.

6. The IJSBA is now accepting applications for World Finals sponsorships and partnerships. Packets will be sent out shortly.

7. Please see the IJSBA press release regarding new appointees. Blake Corning will be taking on more duties with the association. This is a very good thing.

8. The first Motosurf World Championships are underway in Gold Coast, Australia. The IJSBA will be exploring awarding World Titles in each venue where there is a distinct skill set. Tentatively, the following categories are being examined: Closed Course, Surf, Open Course/Supercourse, Indoor/Arena course, Offshore (long point to point races where navigation is required), and Endurance (open water competitions where large sized laps are completed in very high numbers). Please send in your thoughts and suggestions on these subjects.

9. DVD’s have been shipped. We believe we have filled 90% of our back orders. If you have ordered a product from the IJSBA and have not received it, please contact us immediately. Shipping should be functioning properly now.

The next monthly update will be on or before March 15. As always, it is a pleasure to serve the PWC family. The IJSBA is the World’s Largest PWC association. We are here for the purposes of providing PWC races and to enhance and further the PWC lifestyle. Please feel free to contact me for anything I can do for you.

Scott Frazier
IJSBA Managing Director