The 1990s were a golden time for IJSBA and Personal Watercraft Racing. the 1990s were also a golden time for music and many of the top hits seemed to be standards for the lifestyle associated with PWC, lakes, fun, friends and being fast. The band Sublime could be heard from many pits and vehicles at the races. There is a great Sublime bootleg called "Memories" from a live 1994 live performance in Everetts, WA where the band was at their best. Bradley Nowell, specifically puts on one of the best live vocal performances of his unfortunately short life. The pinnacle is the "DJs" (aka DeeJays) track which just must be heard by anyone who likes this sort of thing. You can find the album, in its entirety on Youtube (youre welcome). DJs has a short intro from "World of Inflation" to help reference the track if you are looking for it. This brings us to this important news bulletin:

Membership prices will increase in 2022. Sorry, but we are looking at the insurance costs and operating costs, as well as regulatory fees being a killer in 2022 and we must plan accordingly. However, IJSBA operates from a June to June budget and, in what might be a surprise move to many of you, IJSBA is going to give you every chance to avoid the new membership price of $80. In addition to helping new members avoid the world of inflation, existing members will get relief automatically for one to two years depending on how long you have been a member.

Online memberships will increase to $80 on June 1, 2022. This gives you plenty of time to join IJSBA and save $10. Maybe that ten you save will buy two gallons of gas by the time June rolls around. So, if you are attending Mark Hahn 300, dont worry about a thing. You will pay the 2021 membership price. Additionally, all US Promoters will be sent the 2021 membership form for use at the first round of their series regardless of whether that event is after June 1. So, if you are waiting until your first race to join IJSBA so that you have a later 2023 renewal rate, you can still do this.

Renewal rates for current IJSBA members will remain the same as in 2021. IJSBA stopped mailing cards and rider packets in early 2020 as a cost savings measure due to the pandemic. Members in 2020 and 2021 did not receive cards or sticker packets. We hope the $15 savings make up for any inconvenience you experienced in not receiving cards or stickers the last two years. If you were a member in 2020 and 2021 there will also be an increased discount for an online renewal in 2023 to further compensate for those who didnt get cards for two years. Let us hope this pandemic is really near the end.

Membership cards and packets will begin printing in March after we receive the Mark Hahn 300 rider information from the organizer of the event. IJSBA will print cards and mail packets as far back as December 1, 2021 and maintain regular processing throughout the year. IJSBA prints cards based on when we receive the event packets from promoters and organizers. Due to complications caused by a check writing customer in 2021, IJSBA will no longer accept checks from competitors for memberships under any circumstances.

For questions or comments regarding this bulletin, please email