image001IJSBA is pleased (but is also stressed) to announce that we have broken the thirty day mark to the start of the 2015 quakysense World Finals.  Sometime around early August, the work days begin at 6:30 AM, daily, to process the amount of emails and requests which come in during any given 24 hour period.  In the last updated, it was commented that the daylight was coming later and now that the daylight takes longer and longer to start breaking across the West Coast’s horizon, it acts like the sand running out of an hourglass.

This update comes during the Labor Day three day weekend in the States.  This weekend signals the cultural end of Summer even though the actual Summer end date does not actually occur until September 23rd.

Many of you will have questions, need clarifications, and will spring a last minute technical question on us that you have been holding on to for months.  We ask that you are patient and courteous with us as you submit you inquiries.  IJSBA produces the best PWC racing in the world because we have the best network of seasoned and knowledgeable people working together for the betterment of the sport.  When we provide and answer it tends to be a well research and properly vetted answer so please help foster an environment where we can bring this to you.  Hopefully, some questions are answered by these updates.

So, let’s get started with this one.  Please share the following news and information with your friends in colleagues in the PWC Racing community.

  1. Online registration is now active.  We are happy to have the online registration active.  For those of you who easily get frustrated when you miss a box to check or a necessary input to submit an online form, we still have the good, old fashion, and reliable paper form.  You can sign up for the World Finals or download the PDF of the paper form by clicking here.  By the next World Finals, the IJSBA app will let you sign up, effortlessly, using the same information you do at every race throughout the season by just tapping a couple of spots on your phone or tablet.
  1. PWC test rides to take place at the World Finals.  We know of at least two manufacturers who will be offering 2016 model test rides on the grounds at the Crazy Horse Campgrounds.  Rumor has it that at least one of those manufacturers has an exciting new unit to try.  Either way, before you hit the beer tent, you might want to check out everything that is going on during the weekend of the 10th and 11th so you don’t miss any special opportunities.  Afterwards, if beer is your thing, you can celebrate having been the first to enjoy a new experience.
  1. Committee meeting times and agenda items during World Finals.  This year, IJSBA takes another step in evolution and begins handing more control of the policy direction of the sport. Two major functions that will accomplish this goal are the IJSBA committees and the General Assembly/Congress Of The Rules which take place during the course of the event.  Here is a brief overview of what will take places:

-Aftermarket Hull Committee Meeting, Wednesday evening, October 7,  immediately after the Parade Of Nations.  Discussion will include the presentation of the regulation and registrations system for aftermarket hulls and the methods to stop unauthorized hill reproductions.

-Freestyle Committee Meeting, Thursday afternoon, October 8, immediately at the close of the Freestyle Corral, in the IJSBA VIP Tent. Items to discuss: aftermarket hull regulation and registration, new Freestyle scoring options, reclassification systems, and other options for reorganizing Freestyle.

-USA Promoters Meeting, Thursday evening,  October 8, at 7:00 PM:  Presentation of the 2015 IJSBA USA National System, packaged support, and other exciting new opportunities for IJSBA events in the USA and North America.

-Steering Committee, Friday, October 9, Lunch Break, at the Yamaha VIP tent.  General survey of the effectiveness of new World Finals Changes, new agenda for 2016, discussion of leadership roles and responsibilities.

-General Assembly/Congress Of The Rules/International Meeting, Saturday, October 10, London Bridge Convention Center, immediately after the Blowsion Under The Bridge Night Show:  Agenda Items:  Introduction of the participants, accepting appointments, discussions of roles and responsibilities, presentation of committee comments, voting on the 2015 competition Rule Book, presentation of Affiliate management system.

  1. Improvements to the World Finals.  Some of you had contacted IJSBA, at the close of the 2014 World Finals asking for a shift of emphasis away from being racing centered and back into a packaged presentation.  We have made changes such as all Pro Racing to take place during the middle of the day during Pro Weekend, more competitor interviews, aesthetic improvements to the venue, and more competitor conveniences.  We hope that the new pit placement methods, some improved rider check in methods, and other conveniences are met with approval along with the new types of promotions during the event.  We do not want to lose to core reason for World Finals to exist, which is to promote PWC Racing and encourage the PWC Racing economy, but we do want to make the event the event you want it to be.  Please feel free to send us more suggestions on new things you would like to see for this year and future years.
  1. Attendees are also sure to enjoy our new gourmet food truck and concession environment.  IJSBA has recruited numerous individual food concessionaires to provide a variety of quality eating experiences and competitive pricing for a created environment.  Premium taco truck menus, freshly squeezed lemonade, barbecued meats smoked and cooked onsite, hand dipped corndogs, and other items are sure to meet the needs of everyone on site.  We hope that IJSBA jumping on the food truck bandwagon will be an enjoyable new component to the event.
  1. Competitor video interviews for new IJSBA media.  IJSBA has some exciting new media developments through our partners WatercraftRider and some new broadcasters that will be at the event.  Several new online and internet based networks (i.e. Hulu, Roku, etc.) are going to be featuring IJSBA Racing and some new custom programs we will be announcing before World Finals.  During registration, and select portions of the event, competitors will be interviewed for some new IJSBA web and other broadcast features.
  1. Rotating Race Director and jury system in place.  IJSBA will be governing the World Finals competition through a shared system of a daily fixed race director and a rotating beach race director.  In addition, an appeals jury will be in place to help arbitrate disputes by employing as many viewpoints as possible.
  1. IJSBA announces the biggest Trade Show ever.  This year’s World Finals promises to have more vendors than ever before.  The attendance, commerce, and information exchange at the IJSBA World Finals is the biggest in the entire world.  In fact, we will go as far to say that the trade show boasts a bigger industry presence than all other PWC events combined together.  The turnout for this year is nothing short of astounding with the event attracting more than 65 vendors to date and is continuing to grow.  Every linear foot of the vendor section is expected to be completelty filled.  The PWC performance industry is making an investment in IJSBA and the competitors to show that this is where they see the future of the sport.
  1. IJSBA mail drops weekly.  IJSBA will be sending out mail drops every five to seven days.  We just sent out the first World Finals informational email blast yesterday.  If you did not receive one, please sign up for the mailing list here.

Please watch the IJSBA website for the next several days while even more information is released that is sure to surprise an inspire the community as to the new heights that are ahead for IJSBA, the World Finals, and our partners.  If there are any questions about this update, or the 2015 quakysense World Finals, please email or call +1-714-751-8695 from 9:00AM to 5:00PM, PST.  There will be another update within, approximately, the next five days.