image001Greetings to everyone who is anxiously counting down the days to the 2015 quakysense World Finals.  Greetings to those of you who wish there was another week or two to get things done. There are sunny 107 degree (yes, Fahrenheit) days in Lake Havasu City right now.  The weather is currently predicted to cool slightly but still bring us great conditions all the way through the event.  Did we tempt fate by calling for good weather?  We shall see.  We hear the town is starting to show strong signs of a good crowd of competitors.  Boxes of banners are showing up at Crazy Horse.  Blake Corning is emailing final track designs to IJSBA headquarters and we think we have finalized a course that mixes the traditional elements of a World Finals track that racers enjoy while trying out some new angles and patterns to keep things interesting.  We are excited to see everyone together at the venue.  Please share the following news and information with your friends and colleagues in the PWC Racing Family!

  1. quakysense News: KOOTA Windbreaker.  In case we did jinx things by announcing that we expect great weather during World Finals, our title sponsor has things covered.  The quaysense product line, KOOTA, now includes this dandy windbreaker which is comfortable to wear and folds up into a swell looking pouch.  To preview more of this latest offering from KOOTA, please see the official release notice here:
  1. Last Chance To Register.  Pre Registration closes in less than a week.  September 29th will be the last day we except entries before the event.  We know some of you prefer to pay cash on site, especially those of you who still enjoy favorable exchange rates with the US Dollar.  This is fine with us, just remember there are onsite registration fees if you are not paid prior to September 30. We will remind you, again, before registration closes.  For those of you who want to save a few bucks, you can register right now by using this link:
  1. Qualifying Closed.  Qualifying is now closed for the 2015 quakysense World Finals.  There is only one weekend left before the World Finals gates open at Crazy Horse Campgrounds.  There are no IJSBA Sanctioned races this weekend.  Therefore, there are no more qualifying opportunities for the 2015 quakysense World Finals.  IJSBA deeply regrets the amount of people who have been denied entry to the 2015 quakysense World Finals.  However, we meant it when we said there would be a two event requirement to be eligible to compete in the World Finals.  It is important that only experienced racers are on the line to have a World Championship.  We hope that those who could not enter this year will be motivated to attend regional and national events in 2016.  If you have comments or questions regarding the eligibility process, please email
  1. Lodging.  Lodging specials for the 2015 quakysense World Finals are starting to fill up.  We think our specials are the best to be had in Lake Havasu City.  All lodging partners agree that quakysense World Finals attendees will receive rates lower than what are available at internet wholesalers.  The last update was written on an airplane and the link was omitted when it was published.  Sorry about that.  Here is the link to our lodging specials:
  1. 2016 Model Year Rules.  Sea-Doo has released a pretty notable new PWC.  (edited some of this missed the cut and paste from Word to the post upload)  Many of you have eagerly asked about whether the new 300 HP Sea-Doo will be an eligible race craft at the 2015 quakysense World Finals.  We are as excited to see the new unit on the racetrack as you are.  Unfortuntely, that will not be this year.  Well, it might be on a racetrack, this year, but it wont be at World Finals because new units had to be homologated in July.  So, the new 300 HP Sea-Doo will only be on display, not an eligible competition vehicle.  Does this mean that 2016 mode units are not allowed on the racecourse?  No, it does not mean that at all.  So, you are probably wondering: how come some 2016 units are allowed while others are not?  Fortunately, as you might expect, IJSBA has an explanation for this seemingly contradictory policy.  When a unit is homologated, that unit is automatically homologated in each successive year so long as two things happen.  First, the manufacturer must be a member of IJSBA in the next calendar year and, second, the unit must be the same unchanged unit from the previous year.  You are now probably thinking: wait a minute, didn't some 2015 Yamahas get to compete in the 2014 World Finals even though they were listed as having a lighter weight on the sales brochure?  Is there some favoritism going on here?  Yes they did and no there isn't.  Some Yamahas had a published a lower weight in 2015 for an otherwise identical 2014 unit.  In this case, they were homologated automatically but the 2015 units had to adhere to the 2014 published weights (this affects tolerances and the minimum competition weight).  So, now, you are probably asking: well, if you can run a different posted weight, why not a different posted  horsepower- what's going on over there, IJSBA??  The test whether the unit homologates automatically is whether the new model year unit is identical to the previous year unit.  We are talking dimensions, hull design, and internal components, etc. (much to the chagrin of the OEM marketing departments, new colors and graphics do not make a unit any less identical).  It is indeed possible that a different horsepower rating on an identical unit could get homologated automatically.  The new Sea-Doo has plenty of new parts and designs (visit and see for yourself). Therefore, the new Sea-Doo must go through the homologation process which cannot happen until after World Finals.  We hope this has cleared things up.
  2. Video Game World Championship.  The Watercraft Video Game World Championship is now accepting entries.  Competitors in the 2015 quakysense World Finals only have a total of 20 preregistration opportunities and we suggest that those persons who want to compete in the video game tournament enter right away.  Please see the following link for more information:
  1. Last Day For Ria Gomes at IJSBA.  Today is the last day that there will be a Ria Gomes at IJSBA.  Ria has become the office and membership manager and a true asset to the organization.  Fortunately, Ria will still be here after World Finals.  Starting September 26, Ria will become Mrs. Ria Wolf after her Saturday wedding.  IJSBA sends our congratulations and best wishes to the couple.  Also, we wont be answering the phone on Saturday or responding to too many emails this weekend and close the office Monday evening.  So, please send us your tidal wave of last minute requests today or tomorrow so we can get as much of it taken care of us possible.
  1. VENDORS.  This looks like about the complete vendor list.  There might be one or two more pop in here.  This list has people who aren’t too likely to flake at the last minute.  The World Finals Trade Show is as important of an event as the World Finals itself.  As the races give you an opportunity to see, first hand, what the watercraft and their performance products are capable of doing in the hands of capable racers, the trade show allow PWC fans to touch, see, and evaluate products that are usually only seen on a webpage.  Here, you can interact, in real time, with the actual company that has developed the product and, normally, you can get special pricing on many items.  Here is who you will see at the event, we believe this is the largest gathering of manufacturers at an exclusive PWC event ever:
  1. quakysense
  2. KOOTA
  3. Flyboard
  4. Eric Malone Enterprises
  5. Hydroturf
  6. Gasket Technologies
  7. Blowsion
  8. Surf Slam
  9. Jet Pilot
  10. Riva
  11. Jettrim
  12. Gary Hart Vintage Ski Museum
  13. Full Spectrum
  14. Aqua Lilly Pad
  15. Jet Dynamics
  16. X Screan
  17. Tone Tools
  18. Rick Roy Products
  19. Thrust Innovations
  20. Jet Connection
  21. Slippery Wetsuits
  22. M&M Marine
  23. California Freestyle
  24. Havasu SXS Club
  25. Off Road Expo
  26. Mad Ramps
  27. Desert Storm
  28. Body Glove
  29. Ronix Wakeboards
  30. Riders Choice
  31. Liquid Militia
  32. Bolt Motorcycles
  33. Hydro Hammock
  34. Sea-Doo
  35. Jet Renu
  36. Rhaas Products
  37. Rage Composites
  38. Freestyle Factory
  39. Sato Engineering
  40. Aquacopter
  41. TC Freeride
  42. Powerdive
  43. DASA
  44. Stars
  45. Pro Watercraft
  46. Ride Free
  47. Hurricane Industries
  48. Freedom Motorsports
  49. Truck Boss
  50. Villon Clothing
  51. Wasser Jet
  52. Kinjii
  53. Engine Tech
  54. JetskiNWorld
  55. Solas
  56. SB Products
  57. Watcon
  58. Real Time Pain Relief
  59. Jettribe
  60. IMS/Shirt Werx
  61. IJSBA
  62. YRR Turbochargers
  63. Yamaha
  64. Undaunted Clothing
  65. Freegun
  66. Bullett Racing
  67. H2O Designs
  68. Jetlift
  69. Kawasaki
  70. Energy-Mist
  71. FTF
  72. Visit Lake Tulloch
  73. Martinique
  74. JetRacer World Endurance Tour
  75. Jet Bum

The following food, concession, and hospitality vendors will be present:

- Kokomos Taco Truck
- Popocorn Gals
- Bona Fide Barbecue
- Marnie’s Nachos
- Harriet’s Corn Dogs and Smoothies
- Mister Lemonade: Pizza, Fresh Lemonade, and Pork Chop on a Stick
- Oak Barrel Jerky
- Havasu Garlic and Olive Oil
- Budweiser

Ok, that’s it for this one.  We think we will do two more updates.  One just before registration closes and the last one just before the gates open.  Email us for any questions: