IJSBAWell, it is time for another update.  The following information is the latest news from IJSBA regarding World Finals planning and some comments about things going around the office right now.  It is kind of that quiet before the storm situation as August and September will be full of frequent information and the usual last minute crunch before World Finals goes live.  Please share the following news with your friends and colleagues in the PWC Racing family:

  1. Wow what a weekend for IJSBA Racing around the world.  Mirandela ,Portugal, marked another successful year of offering the very best of racing and Hospitality.  The Canadian Watercross Association held an event in Belle River.  Meanwhile, in the USA, there was a National Tour Round In Colonial Beach, The Pacific North West hosted the  Apple Pie Jamboree Race, The Great Lakes Watercross held an event, Typhoon Tommy’s Freestyle Production had a shootout in New York, Our Partners at P1 Powerboat’s held an Aquacross in Florida, and the ever famous Long Beach To Catalina (and back) competition was off and running for yet another annual installment.  This is a lot of racing in one weekend and we look forward to bringing you stories, pictures, and results from all of these results.
  2. World Finals plans are being finalized as this is typed!  The planning for any year’s World Finals starts the year before.  Many deals are made for sponsorship, vending, lodging, etc. during the Pro awards night.  The last 90 days before the event goes live, the final balances for supplies get paid, the printing press kicks out the mailers, the staff lodging is paid off, conditions are finalized for the permits, and the last of the vendor commitments come through selling out the trade show.  Over the next two weeks IJSBA will release the schedule, entry form, hotel specials, as well as all kinds of exciting new announcements.  In addition to finalizing the night show, IJSBA will be bringing you news of other new developments for the event.  Stay tuned to IJSBA to find out why this will be the most exciting World Finals in nearly twenty years!
  3. Safety and sportsmanship are the number one focus of 2013.  IJSBA celebrates 32 years of World Finals in 2013.  The equipment and competitors are going speeds never before imagined on a personal watercraft.  Likewise, the costs of competing (along with the everyday cost of living) have reached levels nobody ever could have anticipated when the sport enjoyed gasoline below a dollar per gallon.  The World Finals is a showcase of the very best of everything in the PWC Sport.  The best riders will be there with the best representation from the OEM and aftermarket industries.  The very best staff will be there to provide the highest production quality possible.  This is an environment where we showcase to the public the levels PWC Racing is capable of achieving.  Participants and attendees are expected to bring their commitment to safety and sportsmanship to help us achieve the goal of a truly amazing World Finals.  We invite only those racers who agree to respect their safety and the safety of their fellow competitors by respecting the speed and power of the watercraft they pilot through the course.   Attitudes that further interests of the PWC sport and fosters growth for the future events make up the mindset of persons we invite to the World Finals.  Persons who have multi digit post counts on an internet forum complaining about a sport in which they hardly participate should probably stay home.  We would hate to ruin your ideas of the sport by showing you thousands of people enjoying themselves at the event which showcases the very best racing on the planet.  World Finals has been growing the last five consecutive years  and we plan to continue this trend.  If this is something you want to be a part of then we hope you will join us.
  4. Eligibility required.  IJSBA reminds competitors that eligibility is required to participate in the World Finals. To be eligible, you must have participated in IJSBA sanctioned closed course racing within the last year and must be a member of IJSBA in good standing.  Competitors from outside the United States may face additional requirements from their country of origin.  Regular competitors who raced the 2012 World Finals AND raced a qualifying series in 2012 AND have not submitted a previous request for hardship eligibility may appeal to IJSBA to participate in the 2013 World Finals.  Hardship eligibility requests will be strictly scrutinized and IJSBA may require supporting documents to prove the applicant had a true hardship that prevented the applicant from competing in a qualifying event in 2013.
  5. International Competitors should plan on extra time for shipping watercraft to Lake Havasu City.  The Environmental Protection Agency of the United States is charged with the duty of ensuring that environmentally compliant watercraft are shipped into the US.  There are exemptions for race craft.  Customs has been requiring that some shippers provide evidence that the watercraft they are importing is used from competition.  IJSBA has been working on helping a few shippers deal with these requirements when the need has arisen.  We can help with proper notice and enough time.  Please begin your shipping process now in case your trigger this type of additional inquiry.
  6. Vendor Spots Selling Fast.  Most 2012 vendors have already confirmed their 2013 presence.  New 2013 vendors have also signed up for the trade show portion of the World Finals.  If you are interesting in vending, or have not yet confirmed your 2013 participation, please do so immediately.  IJSBA reminds all participants of the trade shoe portion of the World Finals that sellers licenses are required by Lake Havasu City even if you are only displaying and not selling.  IJSBA will be posting applications for the city Sellers Permit shortly.
  7. Final confirmation for Saturday evening show coming.  IJSBA should have the final confirmation of the evening show under the London Bridge very soon.  Not only will there be one of the Pro Freestyle motos, but we also expect some very new and special components to be joining the World Finals program.  Stay tuned for exciting details.
  8. Special announcement coming.  IJSBA is expecting to give you a special sponsorship announcement, within the next couple of days, which will relate to the next couple of World Finals.  IJSBA expects everyone to be very pleased about the news.

Well that’s it for this announcement.  The next IJSBA update will include Hall of Fame information as well as special announcements and offers from our event partners.  If you have any question regarding this update, the World Finals, or any other racing related questions, please contact IJSBA by emailing info@ijsba.com or by calling +1-714-751-8695.