IJSBA has been sidelined the last week with several requests for a stated policy to mitigate the risk of spreading trans communicable diseases, as a condition precedent, to receiving an event permit at several venues throughout the world. We currently have seven of such requirements pending and expect them to grow as governments set policies to contain the coronavirus outbreak. The following posting shall be IJSBA’s official interim Trans Communicable Disease Prevention Policy which shall be amended as necessary to provide best practices for mitigating these risks Personal Watercraft Competitions.


Personal Watercraft Competitions have relatively few inherent risks of spreading airborne trans communicable diseases as operating a watercraft keeps competitors a sufficient distance from other competitors, at all times, to be outside of safe transmission spaces. Therefore, the actual competition portion of an event has the most minimal risk for the spread of disease. Potential risk areas include: registration, riders’ meetings, awards, and concessions. The following policies shall be in place where an event permit requires mitigation of trans communicable diseases:


  1. Competitors shall screen holders for fever or other symptoms of infection such as coughs, sneezing, or congestion. No holders shall be used which have such symptoms. Competitors, who are required to report to impound after an event, shall maintain a distance of 6 feet from each other. Competitors shall refrain from handshakes, “high fives,” and other similar physical gestures to show their support for one another.   Verbal signs of respect and camaraderie are encouraged. Competitors, wherever possible, shall prepare their watercraft for technical inspectors so that inspectors may examine the watercraft with as little proximity contact with the competitor or mechanic as possible.
  2. Riders’ Meetings. Riders’ Meetings must be conducted with a public amplifier or other such broadcast system to allow for the race director to maintain a significant distance from competitors and their crew. Riders’ Meetings should take place in an open space that allows for every person to stand a minimum distance of 6 feet from every other person attending the briefing. Only those persons necessary should attend the meeting with the rider (i.e. interpreter, parent/guardian, etc.) to allow for the least amount of space to be utilized.
  3. It is recommended that award ceremonies be suspended at events where mitigation measures are required. Where awards are an integral part of the business model of the event, attendees should congregate with the same group with which they traveled and those groups should maintain a distance of six feet or more from all other persons or groups. Hand sanitizer should be used between each and every single handing of an award. No physical congratulations such as handshakes should take place. The preferred policy for awards is for them to be picked individually without a ceremony.
  4. Food concession shall be suspended where mitigation measures are in place unless the concessions provider is fully compliant with a mitigation best practices program approved by the same regulatory agency which required the event organizer to mitigate. Organizers shall provide bleach-based solutions, or similar organism destroying agents, sufficient to regularly disinfect all public restrooms or porta-potties that are used for the event. The amount provided must be enough for regular daily disinfecting procedures proportional to the size of the event.


IJSBA reminds competitors, and the general public, that this policy is only in effect where a stated mitigation policy is required as a condition to receive an event permit. However, all competitors, and attendees, should maintain the highest efforts to prevent the transmission of diseases. IJSBA will modify this policy as necessary. Should the 2020 World Finals require mitigation, a World Finals specific plan shall be prepared.

For questions or comments regarding this interim mitigation policy, please email info@ijsba.com.