ijsba_original_100IJSBA has just received this information from IJSBA Europe.  Endurance racing is sure growing…..

This championship will also take place during our annual European Jettribe Jetski Championship in Poland. We have prepared a beautiful 10 km long track on the lake! WE will have 3 moto’s divided over the three days of this championship! Pilots will race two times one hour and a half and the last moto 1 hour.


We follow the IJSBA rulebook considering Endurance events, but Quick refueling is allowed.

Pilots can enter individual or in teams of two.

Entry fee: 130 euro per pilot, we also ask our pilots to have an IJSBA licence (Can be bought at our event)


07.00-09.00 inscriptions pro classes + endurance
09.15u practice pro classes
10.00-12.30 run and jetski moto’s
13.00-14.00 briefing + endurance practice
14.00-15.00 run and jetski moto’s
16.15h MOTO 1 ENDURO endurance 1,5 hrs
19.00h freestyle show check: www.pwcfreestyle.com

08.30-11.00 run and jetski moto’s
11.15-14.30 freestyle check: www.pwcfreestyle.com
15.00h run and jetski moto’s
17.00-19.00 MOTO 2 ENDURO endurance 1,5 hrs
19:30 freestyle show check: www.pwcfreestyle.com

10.00 run and jetski moto’s
11.30 freestyle check: www.pwcfreestyle.com
14.30 run and jetski moto’s
15.30 MOTO 3 ENDURO endurance 1 hr
16.45 run and jetski moto’s
18.00 Awards Ceremony

For more information: info@ijsba.eu