Exciting news form IJSBA Europe.  The 2015 IJSBA European Championships will be held in Nysa, Poland on July 15-19.  Poland is ideally located for a championship venue as it is close to the middle of Europe (Note: IJSBA is not weighing into the scholarly debate of where is the center of Europe, no angry letters, please, we are only saying it is near the middle) and a short traveling distance for the bulk of the European competitors.  We don’t want to steal the spotlight from IJSBA Europe, nor do we want to plagiarize Norman Davies, so we will simply congratulate everyone on having such a beautiful location for 2015 and bring you IJSBA Europe’s official press release below:


image001We are proud to announce that Our European Championship will be held in Nysa, Polen. This great location will host us for our 2015 European Championship. One race, One championship, Nyskie Lake Poland,  July 15 – 19, 2015!

Nysa is a district town in southwestern Poland on the Nysa Kłodzka river with 47,545 inhabitants. From Brussels this is a 1120 km drive. Nyskie Lake is where our race will be held, with its sandy beaches and beautiful mountains at the background we are sure you will love this location. There are lots of restaurants, hotels and places to visit, we will organize an outstanding race at the best location we’ve had in years! Put the dates down in your agenda. More information on the camping ground and hotels will follow soon.

Our European Championship will be a great event, besides our closed course race there will be a European Championship endurance and  the super finals of the European Freestyle Championship will take place at the same time! Beside the lovely people and food, we will make sure you have a great time. In the evening we will have DJ’s, side events at the beach and much more. We want you to bring your whole team and family to have a great holiday and enjoy the sport we love so much.

We hope you are happy with this new location. At the same time we would like to announce you that we have a new representative for IJSBA Poland. Thanks to Agnieszka  Siergiej, she will be the promoter for our Euro Finals in Poland.


Hear from us soon !

The Euro Jetski Team

Agnieszka Siergiej