IJSBA is alerting the Personal Watercraft Racing Community about updates following incidents at the 2023 Kings Cup and final round of the 2023 IJSBA WGP-1 World Series.  These include an extension of the rule suggestion period, a drafting of a global code of conduct, and pending disciplinary actions.  Input on any of these items may be sent to IJSBA by emailing info@ijsba.com.

Rule Suggestion Period Extended For Limited Subjects

The rule suggestion period is closed and the synopsis of suggestions made will be posted within 24 hours.  However, IJSBA has received considerable input, the last several days, regarding updating and clarifying sponson language in response to rulings made at the 2023 Kings Cup.  Therefore, IJSBA will continue to receive any rule change suggestions relating to sponsons until January 2 at 3:00 PM.


Global Code Of Conduct

IJSBA has had a standing code of conduct for World Finals since 2005.  IJSBA is drafting a global code of conduct to apply at all events, particularly events which have national or international sanctioning status.  Much of the World Finals Code of Conduct is expected to be implemented.  Expected conduct and good sportsmanship do not have to be spelled out for most of us to know when we have stepped outside of the space where we should be.  This updated code of conduct will more likely spell out when the line is crossed for administrative response as well as which responses should be expected by the public.


Pending Disciplinary Actions

IJSBA has received an extensive volume of comments and request for administrative action regarding conduct that took place during the Kings Cup event in December.  Reported conduct was exclusive to a single block of incidents which we will address in a separate posting.  Please be aware we have received sufficient comment to prepare a response.  The IJSBA response will be consistent with the responses we have made in the past to similar incidents.  This draft will be submitted to the WGP-1 World Series organizers for joint finalization.


If you have questions or comments relating to this publication, please email info@ijsba.com.