If you look real hard at the picture, you will see the image of a great white shark.  This shot was taken by Drake Stanley who is a regular course marshal at the World Finals and a several other high profile IJSBA Sanctioned events throughout the world.  They also hire him to provide rescue assistance over at the world famous Mavericks surfing spot. 

Mavericks is located on the Coastside region of Half Moon Bay, California where IJSBA is also headquartered.  This is an especially frightening reminder that great whites patrol the whole coastline as some of your IJSBA staff have surfed the smaller waves at a beach just down the road.  Drake was less intimidated and was able to maintain and whisk a group of surfers out of harms way.  You can read all about it in this San Francisco online newspaper: https://www.sfgate.com/whales-sharks/article/mavericks-great-white-shark-surfing-picture-rescue-13718723.php#photo-17129465