IJSBA would like to remind competitors about the Novice and Pro Am Naturally Aspirated Stock Classes.  Trophy hunters, this message will be of special interest to you.  Currently, IJSBA is anticipating lower than expected turnouts for the both of the Novice and Pro Am Naturally Aspirated Runabout Stock Classes.  None-the-less, IJSBA will run these classes at World Finals regardless of the entries in the classes.

It is the stated policy of IJSBA to develop a division of naturally aspirated categories of runabout racing in order to ensure that there are opportunities to have closed course racing to maintain a balance of traditional speeds and costs that are associated with sportsman level watercraft competition.  IJSBA plans to maintain an environment where Naturally Aspirated Runabout Stock is the ideal class for a Novice competitor to enter closed course racing.  IJSBA further plans for there to be opportunities for the recreational competitor to move up in rank without having to switch platforms.  These classes will absolutely run in 2019.

If you have questions or comments regarding this release, please email info@ijsba.com.