IJSBA has received inquiries pertaining to aftermarket cooling lines and nozzle modifications to supply the aftermarket cooling lines.  These inquiries, and the clarifications provided below, relate to IJSBA Stock Classes only.

Allowances for aftermarket cooling lines and water bypass fittings come from IJSBA Rules 6.3.7 (Two Stroke) and 6.4.5 (Four Stroke).  These provisions allow additional water supplies to come from the pump and supply the cooling system.  The cooling system may be aftermarket subject to several restrictions.  Where there are allowable aftermarket water inlet fittings allowed in the engine components, the OEM thread diameter must be maintained.

IJSBA clarifies the following based off of the inquiries received:

  1.  Supply lines may be added to the pump assembly only.  Adding a fitting to the nozzle is not permitted.  Where a competitor has added a fitting to the OEM nozzle, that hole may be plugged and the existing nozzle may be used so long as there are no other offending modifications.
  2.  If the OEM nozzle has an existing water supply line then that supply line is subject to all Stock Class provisions and restrictions as the rest of the cooling system.
  3.  If the OEM nozzle system contains a visibility spout, then the visibility spout maybe routed into a cooling line subject to all Stock Class provisions and restrictions as the rest of the cooling system.  Competitors take note that OEM thread diameter must be maintained.  Where the opening or molded fitting is not threaded, the inner diameter of the opening/molded fitting must be maintained.

REMINDER: Fittings may not be added to the cylinder head, cylinder, or crankcase/engine block.

If there are any questions about this rule clarification, please email tech@ijsba.com