Greetings from the grassy knoll outside of IJSBA headquarters.  This bulletin is to address the numerous emails and comments we have received from our draft release of the 2016 Ski Lites Rules.

Ski Lites is a category of racing that is based off of entry level Ski PWC that come from the manufacturer with a real horsepower rating of 85 HP or less.   To date, only two stroke Skis have met this requirement (all OEM Ski PWC except the Polaris Octane).

Ever since four stroke provisions were introduced into IJSBA Racing, the rules have always allowed for 1100cc naturally aspirated four stroke engines to compete in categories that were designed for 800cc two stroke engines.  Seriously, go grab an older Rule Book from underneath the short leg of your coffee table and open it to the section describing Ski definitions: 5.1.3 and 5.5.3 (here is a link for convenience https://ijsba.com/ijsba/rulebook/2011/2011Part1.pdf).

We would like to tell you that, at the last IJSBA rules conspiracy meeting, we finalized our secret plan to bring new four stroke Ski watercraft to the Ski Lites Class, but, unfortunately, all we did was move the displacement guidelines to an easier to find section in the rule book.

Indeed, we have discussed with Rules Committees and Hull Committees whether there may need to be an aftermarket solution to Ski Lites if there is ever a lack of available Ski PWC eligible for the class but there are absolutely no plans pending for this sort of thing.  There are no changes for the platform of Ski Lites happening anytime soon, if ever.

We hope this has clarified the inclusion of the 1100cc provision in Ski Lites and can put aside any confusion or rumors.  If not, please send any remaining questions to info@ijsba.com.